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Take the risk out of remote work:

Email and endpoint protection solutions for the new digital landscape

November 03, 2021

Take the risk out of remote work:
The new trend toward remote and at-home work brings with it a lot of beneficial flexibility for your customers and your employees. But it can also introduce a lot of new cybersecurity risks now that the castle walls have come down. The endpoints of a company’s IT network might now be located at the local coffee shop­—and as secure as whatever Wi-Fi password the barista picked.

What to do when work goes from cubicles to coffee shops
Traditional antivirus solutions might have been enough in the olden days of in-person office lore, but remote work requires heightened attention to email and endpoint security. Where before we were talking face to face, we’re now teleconferencing screen to screen. The difference is that it’s a lot easier for someone to hijack a teleconference than it is an in-person conversation, unless you’re that extroverted uncle at a barbecue.
Eighty-five percent of breaches reported in Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report involved a human element, with phishing present in 36% of those breaches, an 11% increase since last year. These rising trends emphasize the importance of proactive security awareness training to ensure your customers and your employees know how to spot malicious and deceptive emails, a threat they’re virtually guaranteed to encounter.

Turn vulnerability into opportunity with Ingram Micro
Along with security awareness training, Ingram Micro’s digital transformation services can help you and your customers find more smart solutions to take the risk out of remote work. Solutions such as Enhanced Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provide continuous and comprehensive real-time protection, while zero-trust access tools add additional layers of security that authenticate every user. Whatever you or your customers need, our team of experts is here to help simplify and secure your digital transformation. Contact us to learn more.