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Smart surveillance and physical security—solutions to ensure a safer workplace in the new normal

Smart surveillance and physical security solutions from Ingram Micro

June 23, 2020

Smart surveillance and physical security—solutions to ensure a safer workplace in the new normal
The nation’s response to the pandemic will be studied and critiqued in the coming months and years, but one thing is abundantly clear: prolonged shutdowns are simply not economically sustainable. 
Moving forward, pandemic preparedness will be an important part of corporate and government security plans, Organizations in the public and private sectors will have to implement solutions that safeguard their employees while maintaining business operations. These solutions will need to be onsite and ready to implement when employees come back to the office—which presents both a challenge and tremendous opportunity for you.
Here are some of the applications that will be in high demand:
Thermographic screening—It will be critical to keep infected personnel from entering facilities and infecting fellow employees. Since fever is the most obvious symptom and the easiest one to test for, companies will need:
•    Handheld “smart” thermometers for screening individual employees and contractors
•    Thermal camera surveillance systems for screening large numbers of employees

Occupancy management—It’s unrealistic to think that sick employees or visitors will never enter a workplace. In which case, companies will have to manage the situation and protect employees and visitors while minimizing operational interruption. Retail and restaurant establishments will also need to manage occupancy within capacity limits, in order to comply with reopening guidelines. The following applications will be particularly helpful:

  • Contact tracing
  • Social distancing analysis/monitoring
  • People counting analytics
  • Compliance/attribute-based access and presence control
Hospital/nursing home monitoring of quarantined patients—Video/AI analytics will be used to monitor patient whereabouts and falls.
Touchless biometrics—Companies that employ biometrics for physical and logical access control will need to do so without requiring personnel to touch potentially contaminated reader surfaces.
Cloud-managed—As more organizations transition to permanent remote work arrangements, it will make less sense to rely on systems with on-premises servers. 

Mobile multi-factor authentication—With their employees working remotely long-term, companies will be looking for ways to quickly deploy MFA in order to eliminate the username/password vulnerability while improving the user experience. 

Solutions are ready to deploy now
Ingram Micro currently offers technology and resource to address all of the above applications, which means you can start implementing the solutions now to get your customers ready for the “new normal.” As companies look to you for how to address the business challenges moving forward, count on Ingram Micro for the solutions and services you need to ensure their success.