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Simplify IT security with Meraki and Umbrella

July 03, 2018

Simplify IT security with Meraki and Umbrella

Fortunately for Ingram Micro’s Cisco partners, there’s a better way to rein in cybersecurity threats, starting with an approach Cisco calls Simple IT. As its name implies, Cisco Simple IT comprises a variety of resources to make it easier for partners to work with Cisco and to offer comprehensive, complementary solutions, such as Meraki and Umbrella.

Why Meraki and Umbrella are better together

Combining Cisco Meraki and Umbrella enables partners to manage and protect their clients’ devices and apps with DNS (domain name system) layer protection more easily from cloud-managed dashboards. Cisco Meraki’s networking product family of wireless LANs (local area networks), routers and security appliances simplify provisioning, optimization, content filtering, firmware updates, redundancy and monitoring. Each Meraki device is centrally managed from the cloud and the choice of six models enables partners to provide the right option for each customer ranging in size from a small branch to a large campus.

 Cisco Umbrella complements Meraki by blocking malicious destinations even before a connection is made. The Umbrella global network infrastructure handles more than 100 billion internet requests a day and has been shown to reduce malware infections by 98%. Because Umbrella operates at the DNS and IP layers, it acts as the first line of defense against threats, stopping them before they happen. It also cuts the number of alerts from Meraki MX (mail exchanger) firewall by as much as 50%. Simple to deploy (no hardware to install) and manage (no software to update), partners can start protecting their customers—on or off the corporate network—in minutes.

How Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace makes Simple IT even simpler

By adding Cisco Umbrella to its Cloud Marketplace, Ingram Micro made it even easier for partners to sell security services. The Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop portal where partners can procure, provision and bill more than 200 cloud services. “Some additional advantage of selling Cisco Umbrella through Cloud Marketplace is that partners can bundle complementary cloud services, they gain access to simple billing tools and they receive additional support,” says Gordon Scott, senior market development executive, Cisco Cloud, North America. “Plus, partners can provision Umbrella services in real time and receive discounts without having to sign up for the Opportunity Incentive Program.”

Partners interested in offering customers a free, two-week trial can create a login at cisco.com and register their company by agreeing to Cisco’s Indirect Channel Partner Agreement. Then they can direct their customers to signup.umbrella.com to provision their free trial. No credit card or phone call is required. Those ready to start selling now can log on to Cloud Marketplace with their Ingram Micro credentials or contact Gordon Scott for more information at gordon.scott@ingrammicro.com

Also, be sure to join our Cisco and Ingram Micro subject matter experts on Tuesday, Aug. 14, at 1 p.m. ET for a one-hour webinar, “Simple IT, Cisco’s Motto,” and learn how Cisco can help your SMB customers with easy implementation of Meraki, HyperFlex, Umbrella and Spark solutions. Declutter your vendor line card and improve your business efficiency by simplifying IT with Cisco.