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Security and Protection Under the Services Umbrella

July 06, 2017

Security and Protection Under the Services Umbrella


What is it? 
Ingram Micro’s Security and Services Program is a comprehensive set of security products and services that span training services; pre- and post-sales professional services; operations and enablement, including pre-sales tech support and order management; financing and leasing solutions; and remote monitoring and management.

The Ingram Micro Security and Services Program supports a shift in the market toward managed security services and monthly recurring revenue models, and helps solution providers win IT security projects, regardless of their security skill set, experience or certifications.

How does it work?
Ingram Micro solution providers can avail themselves of a full range of services through offerings from Ingram Micro, third parties and market-leading security manufacturers. They can learn how to transform their businesses by offering higher-margin services, and increase their capabilities by accessing manufacturer-specific sales and technical certification trainings. By offering Ingram Micro’s threat assessments or web vulnerability and penetration tests, solution providers can identify areas of risk, and work with Ingram Micro to recommend the right multivendor solutions. Additionally, Ingram Micro has developed creative financial services offerings, including a hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) offering, to help solve end-user budget challenges.

What’s in it for me?
By partnering with Ingram Micro, solution providers can expand deal sizes, earn incremental margins, and provide expert services by moving beyond just selling point products. For example, under Ingram Micro’s Security and Services Program, a solution provider can sell a leading firewall/unified threat management solution, and attach certification trainings, remote installation services and remote monitoring services, thereby delivering a more comprehensive security solution.

Ingram Micro’s new hardware-as-a-service financing solution also helps solves the capital expense versus operational expense issue for small and midmarket businesses. It’s a great time to get started or expand your security practice.