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Security 101: Cybersecurity fundamentals

Discover the components of an effective cybersecurity system

January 07, 2020

Security 101: Cybersecurity fundamentals
Cybersecurity is everywhere. That’s because each day, organizations of all sizes increasingly rely on digital assets and applications to connect with their audience and the world—and that connection, and the information it carries, must be protected from vulnerabilities. By relying on robust, thoughtfully designed, diligently applied layers of process, procedure and control, cybersecurity can guard against attackers, thieves, vandals, malware, power and hardware failure, and other threats to critical data infrastructure and systems.
While cybersecurity isn’t a perfect science, having an active security solution is essential to mitigate risks and to defend against the vulnerabilities that are likely to cause the greatest harm to an organization or business. To learn more about security fundamentals and how they can protect your customers’ data and systems, check out this special report by Ingram Micro.
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