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Secure access service edge (SASE): What is it, and why does it matter?

July 13, 2021

Secure access service edge (SASE): What is it, and why does it matter?
Secure access service edge (SASE), a term coined by analyst firm Gartner, is an approach to securing edge devices and remote workers utilizing industry standards and frameworks, resulting in a simple and effective security solution. By consolidating complex segmented security tools with a SASE solution, enterprises can reduce costs and complexity, provide centralized orchestration, improve security posture and overall security efficacy.
A true SASE solution will combine several core components: 
Cloud-native architecture that is scalable, turnkey, multitenancy and always online. It will also have an SD-WAN approach to connectivity, supporting low latency, bandwidth optimization, elastic traffic prioritization and enables full network visibility. SASE solutions will also support zero trust network architecture, leveraging application-level access, multifactor authentication, user and device validation, as well as behavioral analytics to ensure the verification of devices and users before they have access to company resources. For secure remote user access, a SASE solution will provide both client and client-less options for users to access resources all while also enforcing endpoint compliance and encrypting the data being sent to and from the applications. SASE will also include the ability for greater network visibility, segmentation, content filtering and application control, and always-on threat protection leveraging a built-in, cloud-based secure web gateway and firewall solution.
So why do you need a SASE solution? Because you can take advantage of a multilayered approach to secure access all while reducing cost and complexity, increasing control, visibility and staffing effectiveness. But SASE isn't just a secure way to provide user-friendly, modern network connectivity. It’s also a good business investment—its market share is projected to grow over 115% in the next 3 years with a market value of around $5 billion by 2024 (Gartner).
Ingram Micro’s Cybersecurity Delta Force is here to help connect you to the elements of SASE that make the most sense for your specific desired business outcomes. Leverage our team to help work through available options that meet your needs. 

SASE 101:
Get an introduction to secure access service edge (SASE) from Patrick Smith, technology consultant II at Ingram Micro.
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