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Rethinking your security business approach to bring in more revenue

3 expert tips to get more out of Ingram Micro and your security business

November 07, 2022

Rethinking your security business approach to bring in more revenue

When it comes to providing the best cybersecurity solutions to your customers, are you wearing blinders or getting the complete, unbiased perspective? With over 100 vendors in cybersecurity alone, it can be a daunting task to know which one is the best for a specific use case. Who has time for that?

Ingram Micro’s cross-functional team of cybersecurity experts do, like technology consultant Jerry Diedrichs and technical marketing engineer Michael Wier.

We chatted with them to glean three insights partners can implement now to build a bigger, better and more profitable security practice in today’s market.

1. Let Ingram Micro’s security experts do the legwork in identifying the right vendors for you

Ingram Micro’s highly qualified team of cybersecurity specialists provide over 100 years of combined experience free of charge to assist partners in identifying the right solutions for their customers. They know Ingram Micro’s comprehensive security line card better than anyone.

“Our team does all the laborious fact-finding to allow partners to easily make informed decisions about what options work best for their goals,” Jerry explained. “It’s a level of technical support you can’t get anywhere else.”

2. Stop and smell the bigger opportunity

Going to Ingram Micro’s industry-leading cybersecurity force with a predetermined solution already in mind can lead to a siloed approach that leaves money on the table. As Michael put it, “partners can come to us asking for a vendor product or they can come to us asking for a use case with an agnostic solution. The latter approach is the better, more strategic way of doing business, and we have a team to help partners find those bigger opportunities.”

How can you make sure you don’t miss these larger chances to build your business? It’s easy.

“All partners need to do is ask. They might get so busy chasing the next deal, they feel like they don’t have time to stop and talk to us, but the truth is, we could help them generate more revenue.”

Finding bigger opportunities requires taking the time to stop and ask yourself and the team at Ingram Micro the bigger questions.

3. Start with the question, not the answer

Rather than prematurely jumping to a particular vendor or product that may not be the best answer for a specific use case, here are some questions partners can ask first to take the revenue-maximizing approach:

  • What is the use case?
  • What is the full security picture?
  • What security gaps exist?
  • What solution best meets these needs?

If you don’t know all the answers, don’t worry, Ingram Micro’s dedicated experts are here to help you find out. Contact our team to start the conversation today. Technical wizards like Jerry and Michael work closely with partners as an extension of their team to give them all the tools and specialized knowledge they need to be successful. All partners need to do is ask.