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Reduce crime in cities with physical security solutions

August 20, 2018

Reduce crime in cities with physical security solutions

With many young professionals moving into urban centers to live and work—and rising crime rates and traffic congestion in many cities worldwide—public security is a growing challenge. Municipalities are looking at technology solutions to address it.

We talked to Ingram Micro physical security experts, Randy Irvine and Dave McClary, about some of the latest trends in urban security. Randy is senior manager, field sales, for Ingram Micro’s Networking and Security business unit. Dave is a physical security category strategist.

What innovative physical security solutions are being used to reduce crime in urban areas?

There are four trending solutions right now:

  1. Surveillance cameras are the most obvious and versatile examples of urban physical security sensors. Beyond just collecting forensic information, advanced surveillance technology is being used to support rapid decision-making and proactive efforts to prevent crime. Artificial intelligence analytics are making a major impact on urban surveillance, as our advancements in compute power and the rapid processing of large volumes of video data. The ability to distribute more processing power to the edge of the network enables cameras to autonomously handle certain analytics functions, eliminating the need to stream all video to large, central servers for processing and analysis.   
  1. Video analytics alone may not represent huge revenue for distributors, but they generate many new applications for surveillance cameras and more ways for systems to provide ROI. Applications like license plate recognition and biometric recognition enable users to identify and track individuals and vehicles. We’re also seeing video analytics integrated with other technologies, like the ability to track individuals by their mobile devices from cell towers or Bluetooth antennae. Analytics also enhance surveillance systems’ effectiveness by making it possible to process and search huge volumes of video information, in near real-time, based on criteria that can be selected on the fly.  
  1. Access control systems also play a major role in urban security by enabling end users to exercise greater control over their domains. The most effective way of protecting personnel and assets from theft or harm is to limit physical and virtual access to only those individuals who can be identified and vetted. Modern access control systems are automating this process with capabilities like encrypted communications, which enable authentication by credentials, biometrics and mobile devices. 
  1. In urban environments, it’s also important to be able to manage events like building evacuations. To do so effectively, users have to be able to account for not only employees, but also visitors. Visitor management software and emerging technology like Bluetooth beaconing are facilitating this process, providing the ability to locate individuals and assets in real time.

What companies are leading the way in developing technology to prevent crime?

Ingram Micro partners with a number of leaders in urban security technology, including Axis Communications, Bosch, HID Global and Hikvision. Two Ingram Micro partners, Milestone and IPConfigure, offer solutions that provide a solid range of analytic functions as well as the ability to integrate with a wide range of more specialized analytic products.  

How is Ingram Micro involved in efforts to keep cities safe?

Ingram Micro is actively involved in this area. We also have both dedicated field sales and technical resources to assist municipalities that are looking to grow their surveillance and access control capabilities.

To learn about physical security solutions for cities, contact Randy.Irvine@ingrammicro.com.