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Reasons for Recommending Mobile Access Control Solutions to Customers

September 20, 2017

Reasons for Recommending Mobile Access Control Solutions to Customers



From ordering pizza to paying your bills, it seems mobile capabilities are now a part of every aspect of our lives. In recent years, mobile solutions have even worked their way into the world of physical security—and both value-added resellers and their customers are enjoying the benefits.  

In particular, mobile access control solutions are extremely helpful for those customers who must secure multiple facilities—for example, an owner of a chain of retail stores or an IT company with several locations across the country.

As mobile access control apps continue to grow in popularity and expand in capabilities, now is a perfect time to begin incorporating them into your service offering. There are several key reasons that you might recommend such a solution to a customer:

To improve flexibility

Today, nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, and most business owners or operators use a mobile device for work-related tasks. A mobile access control solution enables them to leverage their mobile devices for improved flexibility in the form of anywhere/anytime access.

A growing number of security management solutions allow a business owner to access and interact with his or her security system using a mobile device. Because your customers no longer need to be on site to manage their access control technology, they can enjoy the flexibility of overseeing their facilities at the touch of a button.

Today’s apps enable them to view access logs, set permissions, and get automated alerts. For example, if an employee needs to gain access during the weekend, the business owner can grant him or her permission without leaving home. If a delivery person arrives a few minutes before the owner, he or she can opt to allow remote access. And if a door is opened in the middle of the night, when the store is closed, the system can push an alert to the appropriate person to notify him or her of an unauthorized access attempt.

To improve security

Your customers are concerned about security at all times, but especially when they are working remotely or traveling. Mobile apps also help improve the overall level of security and create more awareness, giving business owners greater insight into incidents and providing real-time alerts for emergencies such as burglary or employee theft.

The type of 24/7 accessibility that apps allow only helps maximize security and improve incident response—especially considering most break-ins happen at night and during weekend hours. The result is not only a higher degree of safety but also a much deeper peace of mind.

To encourage productivity

Many business owners—as well as their employees—are more productive when they are able to work remotely. However, this is only true when their technology enables them to do their job as well, or better than, they would on site. Mobile access control apps help make facility security a seamless, simplified process that does not require on-site attention.

To optimize business operations

When are employees arriving and leaving? Are they following company protocol for use of access control systems? Are delivery people gaining access to secure areas?

These types of questions can gain much greater clarity through the use of a mobile access control system. Using a mobile solution, your customers can gather vital data on how their access control systems are being used and, in some cases, misused. The resulting insight can help them optimize business operations, which may improve their bottom line.

Does your access control offering already include mobile solutions? How receptive are your customers to these options?