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Protect your small business clients with Meraki Go

Small businesses have similar networking needs as enterprises—just not the same budgets.

July 14, 2020

Protect your small business clients with Meraki Go
For many of your SMB customers, Meraki’s enterprise networking solutions are the perfect fit, enabling faster enterprise AP deployment, simplified administration, richer visibility and centrally managed network security. But, for small retailers, restauranteurs, healthcare practices and other business customers with fewer than 50 employees, an enterprise solution is too complex to manage and often outside their budgets.
Cisco created Meraki Go, which is now available through Ingram Micro, specifically for small businesses that need an affordable solution without recurring costs that simply works. This cloud-based solution allows business owners to self-manage the internet and Wi-Fi at their facility using a mobile app (iOS or Android).
Meraki Go access points, secure gateway and network switches can be installed with minimal time, resources and expertise. Managed through the intuitive Meraki Go mobile app, it’s easy to create a complete network that’s enjoyable to use, shows what’s happening on the network and places control back into the business owner’s hands.
With Meraki Go, your small business clients get:
  • An affordable access point that supports the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard (up to 1.3 Gbps throughput)
  • A security gateway and network switch product portfolio
  • The ability to create separate business and guest networks
  • Automatic firmware updates with a powerful router and firewall
  • An intuitive app that guides customers through a simple installation process (they’ll be up and running within 10 minutes)
  • The ability to manage and customize their network settings to their individual needs
As your small business clients’ needs evolve, they can add more advanced security features to Meraki Go such as anti-phishing, anti-malware and content filtering via a 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscription.
For more information on how to get started with Meraki Go, contact Kevin Wills, Sr. Solutions Sales Specialist at Ingram Micro.