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Protect school campuses from active threats

August 07, 2017

Protect school campuses from active threats


Whether we’re talking K–12 or higher education, past shootings and other threats have pushed the safety of our children to top of mind.

While not every budget accommodates an extensive security implementation, there are technologies you can deploy and steps you can take, which can help deter school threats.

Video surveillance and access control

Not surprisingly, video surveillance and access control are staples of every physical security initiative. Within education, you’ll want to ensure that, minimally, you have video surveillance cameras covering every outdoor entrance. You’ll also want to ensure that all external doors are secured via access control. Once the school day begins, doors can be locked to prevent any unauthorized people from entering the building. In higher education settings, it’s also common to use access control for dorms and laboratories, thus keeping students and staff out of areas they don’t belong.

Monitors at the entrances

Video surveillance covering the front entrance is a must, but it can have more of an impact if you incorporate digital signage. A large monitor can be mounted near the door that shows a feed from the camera. This way, people walking into the facility know that they’re under surveillance, creating an additional level of deterrence. During off hours, the signage can be appropriated for other value-added uses, such as sharing a schedule of events and other news relevant to students and visitors.

Low-tech add-ons

Finally, low-tech, low-cost solutions can be an effective means to deterring crime on school properties. Window stickers at the entrances and “area under surveillance” signage posted in parking lots and around campuses can be enough of a warning to would-be troublemakers to make them think twice.

Don't make assumptions

Of course, before you pitch any of the above, you should have an exploratory conversation with your education customers about their exact requirements and budgets. With a clear understanding, you’ll be able to build a security solution that fits their needs and budgets.

If you need any help in understanding this market, piecing together the right solutions, or simply want more information on physical security, contact Chris Kacala or our physical security expert, Jason Destein