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Preach the 4 P’s of data protection for National Cybersecurity Awareness month

October 12, 2021

Preach the 4 P’s of data protection for National Cybersecurity Awareness month
If you see your neighbors’ homes getting broken into night after night, you might invest in some better locks. Yet many businesses today still neglect to take the fundamental steps to stay resilient to a ransomware attack, despite 42% of businesses reporting they’ve faced at least one attack. Preach these 4 P’s during National Cybersecurity Awareness month to keep your customers protected before ransomware makes the first move.
1. Pick a cybersecurity framework
Like the blueprint for a house, a cybersecurity framework helps you figure out where to start. Frameworks identify which specific security concerns to address for your customers and can guide you to the best products or services to advocate. Learn more about developing a cybersecurity framework that fits your customers from our blog post here and don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ingram Micro’s cybersecurity Delta Force—a cross-functional team of experts dedicated to helping you solve your customers’ cybersecurity challenges.
2. Practice security awareness training
A whopping 85% of data breaches last year involved a human element, with email phishing used for entry 36% of the time, according to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. Proper security awareness training for employees mitigates behavioral risks caused by negligence like clicking a malicious link or recycling passwords. Building a strong culture of security awareness is critical along with technical upgrades for a robust and holistic cybersecurity approach. Talk to Ingram Micro’s dedicated cybersecurity Delta Force team here to learn more about selecting the appropriate security awareness training for your customers.
3. Patch out-of-date systems
Ransomware and spyware are constantly evolving—so should the defenses of your customers. It’s important to patch not only computer systems but mobile and IoT devices like wireless printers as well. Using obsolete security is like locking your front door but leaving the window wide open. If your customers aren’t continuously patching their systems to protect against the latest threats, including ransomware and spyware attacks, they’re leaving themselves vulnerable. Browse Ingram Micro’s world-class portfolio of security vendors and services here to find the right fit for your customers.
4. Prepare for the worst
From a ransomware attack to a natural disaster, your customers should have a recovery plan for what to do if something happens to their data. Maintaining regular backups offsite is important to keep business data safe, secure and rapidly recoverable. Explore Ingram Micro’s wide security line card of data backup and rapid recovery solutions for your customers here. When it comes to the increasing threat of a ransomware attack, it pays to be proactive.
Get back to cybersecurity basics
These 4 steps might sound basic and, indeed, they are, which also makes them surprisingly easy for businesses to overlook. Much like brushing and flossing, these basics might not sound fun for businesses but it’s foundational to their success. As the world of cybersecurity challenges becomes more complex, find simplifying solutions for your customers with Ingram Micro’s professional services.
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