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Make your foray into security services with Cisco Umbrella and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

March 27, 2018

Make your foray into security services with Cisco Umbrella and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

 However, if you look beneath the surface, you’ll find that the vast majority of security breaches hone in on easy targets, such as unpatched systems, weak passwords and employees clicking links or opening attachments from unknown sources. In fact, even if an MSP only focused on patching endpoints such as PCs and mobile devices, it could protect its customers from 85% of ransomware attacks, studies show.

How the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and Cisco can help

By adding a DNS (domain name system) security service like Cisco Umbrella, an MSP can reduce its customers’ odds of a breach even more. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based security platform that can be sold alongside an MSP’s existing portfolio of cloud and on-premises offerings to add a new source of security intelligence and protection for any device, anywhere.

 What makes Umbrella so compelling is that it blocks requests to malicious destinations (domains, IPs, URLs) before a connection is established. It also protects against threats over all ports and protocols and can safeguard internet access across all devices on a network, all office locations and roaming users.

 To accomplish these tasks, Umbrella leverages its customer base of more than 12,000 businesses and 65 million individual users, enabling visibility into 80 billion requests and connections. Plus, it tracks not just DNS names but BGP (border gateway protocol) routes, WHOIS (a query and response protocol) records, IP geolocation and other information. Each day, Umbrella discovers 3 million new domain names and approximately 50,000 malicious locations or items, and it enforces about 7 million malicious destinations at any given time.

 Umbrella provides a new layer of cloud-delivered protection in the network security stack, both on and off the corporate network. It prevents command-and-control (C2) callbacks, malware and phishing over any port or protocol.

 All the Umbrella identification and enforcement services reside in the cloud, running within the Cisco Umbrella global network of 25 data centers around the world. Internet requests and all other traffic from customers whose employees are working on corporate networks can be automatically directed to the Umbrella cloud service.

The advantages of selling Cisco Umbrella on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace

By adding Cisco Umbrella to its Cloud Marketplace, Ingram Micro made it even easier for partners to sell security services. The Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop portal where partners can procure, provision and bill more than 200 cloud services. “Some additional advantage of selling Cisco Umbrella through Cloud Marketplace is that partners can bundle complementary cloud services, they gain access to simple billing tools and they receive additional support,” says Gordon Scott, sr. market development executive, Cisco Cloud, North America. “Plus, partners can provision Umbrella services in real time and receive discounts without having to sign up for the Opportunity Incentive Program.”

 Partners interested in offering customers a free, two-week trial can create a login at Cisco.com and register their company by agreeing to Cisco’s Indirect Channel Partner Agreement. Then they can direct their customers to signup.umbrella.com to provision their free trial. No credit card or phone call is required. Those ready to start selling now can log on to Cloud Marketplace with their Ingram Micro credentials or contact Gordon Scott for more information at gordon.scott@ingrammicro.com

Don’t miss the Cisco Umbrella on Cloud Marketplace sales webinar

Join our Cisco and Ingram Micro sales and engineering specialists on Thursday, April 5, at 2 p.m. ET for a one-hour webinar on Cisco Umbrella and how to transact on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace. During this session, we’ll explain:

  • What Cisco Umbrella is, including a solution overview, value positioning and deployment information
  • The Cisco Umbrella offerings available on Ingram Micro’s Cloud Marketplace—insights and professional
  • How to place a Cisco Umbrella order on Cloud Marketplace