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Ingram Micro Link: how to support virtual installations beyond your reach and bandwidth

November 16, 2017

Ingram Micro Link: how to support virtual installations beyond your reach and bandwidth



A hypothetical scenario

You’re a value-added reseller with a single location and 50 people on your payroll and you’re about to land a huge deal with an enterprise customer with multiple locations and virtual installations throughout the U.S. Your challenge is how to handle implementation, service and support, and security issues for a project that’s well beyond your geographic footprint and technical capabilities. You can’t go it alone and you can’t risk losing the deal.

That’s where Ingram Micro Link comes in.

How to be bigger than you are

Membership in Ingram Micro Link gives you easy access to a wide range of service professionals, engineers, technicians and security experts you can use to plan, implement, manage and support your customers’ needs. From managed hosting to virtualization to network security, you’ll be able to draw from a huge pool of solution providers throughout the country whose resources you can leverage to expand your technical competency, extend your geographic reach and increase your profitability. And you won’t have to worry about your exclusive customer relationship being compromised in any way. Ingram Micro essentially serves as the third-party mediator and manages all aspects of the financial transaction. It’s turnkey.

Ingram Micro Link also gives you access to a wealth of materials and enhanced marketing opportunities to help drive awareness for your company and service offerings—everything from white label collateral and custom emails to webinar events. Many of our reseller partners have achieved amazing successes leveraging the expertise of their Link membership—and you can too.

To learn more and sign up for the program for free, visit ingrammicrolink.com.

It’s a smart move that will pay off.