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Infographic: Cybersecurity for SMBs: Why it’s such a high priority

December 07, 2017

Infographic: Cybersecurity for SMBs: Why it’s such a high priority


According to a recent survey by the security provider Webroot, IT decision makers at 96% of SMBs in the U.S., U.K. and Australia believe their organizations will be susceptible to external cybersecurity threats this year. And although their companies are well aware of these threats, nearly three quarters of the respondents said they’re not prepared to address them and said they plan to beef up their security budgets this year.

Why so many SMBs are behind in cybersecurity

First and foremost is budget. With limited financial resources, SMBs have a lot of things they need to do with their money, and initiatives designed to attract new business often take precedence.

Still, it’s shortsighted to make security spending a low priority since a data breach of customer information can end up costing companies those customers it took so long for them to acquire.

A second factor is limited people resources. The above survey confirmed what resellers who specialize in SMB know all too well. Small and midsize companies manage IT security in a variety of different ways but few have enough qualified people in charge of it.

How SMBs address security issues

About 20% of the SMBs surveyed give in-house employees some security responsibilities, 37% use a combination of in-house personnel and outsourced security support, and less than a quarter have a dedicated team in charge of IT security functions. With cybersecurity expertise in such high demand today, the salaries they need to pay to attract these qualified security personnel may be well beyond their hiring budgets.

No wonder so many SMB customers look to their resellers for security expertise and guidance. If you focus on this segment, it’s important to stay on top of the latest IT security developments and technology solutions. Remember, you can always count on the security experts at Ingram Micro for guidance and leverage our security assessment services to identify your customers’ security vulnerabilities.

For those SMB customers who are still skeptical about making the investment, we’ve prepared an infographic that highlights the vulnerabilities.

View cybersecurity for SMBs infographic