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How to prevent a cloud email breach

January 05, 2021

How to prevent a cloud email breach
Did you know the number of cloud security breaches is on the rise, up nearly 8% since 2017? While there are many ways would-be attackers can gain access to a cloud system, email is one of the primary vulnerabilities they like to exploit. Why? Because cloud email security is difficult for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that monitoring cloud traffic accurately in real-time is challenging.
Protecting your customers’ cloud data is still possible, especially if you follow these strategies:
Restrict Access
How users are identified and verified when using cloud email is essential. Multi-factor authentication should be implemented for all sessions. Verifying devices is also a must as is a central cloud security software management solution that integrates with the cloud email client.
Centralize control
Controlling all user accounts and sign-ons is also a must to mitigate breaches and boost email security. There are solutions that centralize account management, provide a way to audit traffic and logins effectively and boost data loss prevention efforts.
A mistake many companies make is to just use the email security services that come with their cloud solution. Explore solutions offered by cybersecurity companies experienced in protecting cloud email. There are several providers that offer protection that integrates with the most popular cloud services and vendors. When choosing a cloud security provider, make sure they offer the following important features:
  • Identifies and blocks growing threats, like ransomware or others, from gaining access to business email
  • Uses reputation analysis, antivirus engines or anti-spam signatures to scrutinize email links or attachments to scan for potential malware
  • Shields organizations from spear phishing attacks through multilayer defense
  • The ability to surround attacks, process how the attack is operating and deliver an appropriate response through all appropriate avenues
For information on which cybersecurity provider is right for your customers and how they can deliver effective email cloud security, email the cybersecurity experts at Ingram Micro.