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How TaaS offers improved security

August 30, 2017

How TaaS offers improved security


As more businesses look to reduce their capital expenditures and take advantage of the benefits of technology as a service (TaaS), it’s important to consider the importance of cybersecurity.

Many companies are looking to gain a competitive edge by switching to a TaaS option. Not only do they save thousands of dollars by renting or leasing their hardware, they can also enjoy access to the very latest technologies available for an affordable, predictable monthly rate and more manageable operational costs.

Along with this improved flexibility, businesses may also enjoy another hidden benefit of TaaS—increased levels of cybersecurity.

That’s because the devices available through TaaS are often some of the most advanced devices on the market with more up-to-date security features built in. Plus, those newer machines will be less prone to security issues that may plague legacy systems.

Even if those devices don’t include advanced cybersecurity features, they’re usually much more compatible with whatever security solution may already be in place.

So, in addition to faster processing and improved productivity benefits available via TaaS, your end customers can also rest a little easier knowing their newer technology may be less vulnerable to attacks.

If nothing else, your sales team should be initiating a discussion about cybersecurity with your end customers whenever you talk to them about the benefits of TaaS. If they don’t already have a next-generation cybersecurity solution in place, it might be a good idea to offer them an assessment of their network before you install their new TaaS devices.

Discovery is a great first step, because when it comes to security—what you don’t know can really hurt you.

Regardless of the built-in features of any equipment, there’s no doubt that any client can benefit from a managed security service alongside TaaS. By wrapping everything together into one regular monthly payment plan, you can provide a more comprehensive solution to your customers and potentially close more sales.

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