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How a Secure Internet of Things Platform Is a Game Changer for VARs

September 22, 2017

How a Secure Internet of Things Platform Is a Game Changer for VARs


Across the enterprise, no matter what the specific vertical or industry your business targets, the technology trend is toward ever more connectivity: connectivity of worker to worker, worker to data center, data center to cloud, and, increasingly, connectivity of machine to machine, creating what has become known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Offering clear business benefits, such as more accurate and timely strategic insights and operational efficiencies, the IoT is a potential gold mine for resellers. To date, however, security has been a concern. The new generation of secure IoT platforms could change that. Here are three reasons why.

1. Increased productivity

Whether in the IT department, at the call center, or on the manufacturing floor, improvements in productivity generate improvements in value. Knowing how to improve that productivity can be a challenge, however. In concert with analytics applications, IoT can enable businesses to identify their weak points and if technology challenges need to be addressed in order to strengthen them. With the increased confidence that a secure IoT platform provides, organizations will be able to capture and analyze more data, resulting in more accurate insights about the processes being examined.

2. Optimized customer experience

For retail and other customer-facing industries, one of the most attractive features of the IoT is its ability to collect data in real time from mobile devices. Unfortunately, few businesses are willing to put their customers' data at risk with IoT platforms that lack necessary security features. A secure IoT platform will drive the adoption of technologies that provide visibility into customer shopping behavior and browsing patterns both in-store and online. When acted upon quickly, businesses can leverage insights generated from this increased visibility to adjust their strategies on the fly, maximizing sales and customer experience.

3. Continued compliance

Finally, let's examine compliance concerns. Data privacy laws, regulations, and industry best practices are growing stricter and, in some cases, more complex as they catch up with the variety of technologies now in widespread use in the enterprise. For many businesses, at least some of the data gathered from an IoT initiative will fall under a protected category, making compliance a priority. Secure IoT platforms help ease compliance challenges and speed deployment, making them ideal for organizations that wish to take advantage of the IoT without endangering their compliance status.

The IoT has long held out the promise of streamlined operations, increased efficiencies, and a rise in the bottom line for the enterprises savvy enough—and agile enough—to make proper use of it. But security concerns have held many businesses back. With the secure IoT platforms now on the market, resellers can now more easily address those concerns and sell the IoT to a much wider customer base than before.

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