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How a Distributor Can Help VARs Enter the BYOD Market

February 25, 2017

How a Distributor Can Help VARs Enter the BYOD Market



The number of smartphones purchased exclusively for BYOD (bring your own device) is expected to grow by 30 percent every year through 2017. Considering the number of personal devices already used by American employees for work processes, the BYOD market is on the verge of an unprecedented explosion. Value-added resellers (VARs) that want to get on the BYOD market not only shouldn’t wait to do so, but also should prepare themselves for what the future holds.

When a VAR is ready to embark upon or upgrade a BYOD strategy, a qualified distributor can be a great asset. Such a partnership can ultimately benefit your business and your clients as well. Here are some ways a distributor can help VARs enter the BYOD market:

A distributor can offer a variety of devices: Employees pigeonholed into using only specific devices may not take advantage of BYOD or simply ignore the directive and instead use whatever devices they want (often without any sort of IT support or governance). Keeping BYOD flexible will keep employees vested in the process. VARs that sell and support a wide array of smartphones and tablets can take advantage of the choices today’s workers desire.

A distributor can keep VARs ahead of the technology curve: Compare a smartphone from just two years ago with the smartphone in your pocket and you might be stunned how obsolete the “ancient” device seems. The BYOD market must continually adapt to emerging and updated technology. Distributors can inform VARs of impending changes to the marketplace and provide guidance so you’re not left behind when the technology does evolve.

A distributor can provide application and management solutions: The BYOD market isn’t just hardware—it’s also mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), virtual private networks (VPNs), and other software solutions designed to make personal devices more adaptable with in-house systems and processes. Your clients may need strategies to maximize their BYOD efforts; VARs will benefit if they can assist with the blueprints to achieve those strategies.

A distributor can help VARs navigate through BYOD security: Among all the challenges VARs and their clients face with BYOD, security is perhaps the most daunting concern. In fact, worries about lost smartphones and hacked systems prevent many companies from expanding their BYOD efforts, even as their employees continue to use personal devices without oversight or support. Distributors can offer security solutions and strategies that VARs can then pass on to clients. This information will ultimately protect company data and systems and allay the security fears many organizations feel.

A distributor can provide technical support: The cooperation between distributor and VAR doesn’t end when the hardware arrives on your loading dock. A quality distributor can help determine the BYOD solutions you need, then provide technical support so those solutions are working for you and your clients.

A distributor can educate and train: VARs can sell devices and software solutions to make BYOD possible, but without a full understanding of the BYOD market, you won’t be as much a help to your clients as you could be while they adapt to this emerging trend. Furthermore, a distributor can provide training programs, both on its own and through manufacturers, on the devices VARs are reselling. Knowledge can be valuable, and a distributor can provide the knowledge that can guide VARs’ BYOD strategies and then be imparted upon your clients.

If your organization is looking to initiate, expand, or solidify a BYOD strategy, Ingram Micro can offer the solution. Our goal is to help vendors and resellers expand their data centers and big data practices. Contact us for more information.

How has a distributor helped you with your BYOD strategy?