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Help customers finance their next-generation firewall

July 13, 2017

Help customers finance their next-generation firewall



Security is essential–and costly. Here's how you can help close more sales.

With security concerns taking center stage in the minds of most of your customers, a next-generation firewall solution makes a lot of sense. Unfortunately, many of your customers don’t have the dollars and cents required to pay for it. That’s why smart resellers are offering flexible payment options to help close those sales.

If you’re curious about how you can beat the competition and win more deals by boosting the buying power of your customers with financing and credit options, this article is for you.

Take credit

A convenient source of credit to finance high-dollar IT security solutions–like next generation firewalls–is an essential element to growing your IT security practice.

However, not all solution providers are up to speed on this yet. For example, The 2112 Group found that over 80% of solution providers rely on cash for growth investments. In other words, they pay for new products, training and staffing out of the same financial pool as their own operations and fixed-expenses account.

This can be a risky decision and often strangles corporate agility in today’s risk-averse channel.

Some solution providers turn to old-school banks for lines of credit, but terms are usually not very friendly to the uncertain rhythm of a typical IT sales cycle. Short-term credit may provide a temporary boost but falls short of helping to improve and sustain long-term business growth.

It’s no coincidence that more than 80% of the fastest-growing SMB 500 solution providers take advantage of credit services from Ingram Micro.

Let’s face it, financial services are an essential ingredient for IT security providers who want to grow their businesses and provide better value to their customers.

Break down barriers

Recognized throughout the industry as a strategic financial partner, Ingram Micro's Credit and Financial Services team breaks down barriers to success by offering:

  • Dedicated credit analysts to support your business
  • Access to a flexible financing portfolio
  • End-user financing programs and flooring
  • Net terms lines of credit
  • Affordable leasing options

Most of all, the Ingram Micro team knows the channel and works directly with partners to create customized credit and financing solutions to help close more sales.

Shorten your sales cycle

To learn more, contact Ingram Micro Financial Services at financialservices@ingrammicro.com.

For leasing options, contact lease-it@ingrammicro.com.