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Getting the Most Value from Security Distributors

October 28, 2017

Getting the Most Value from Security Distributors


As a value-added reseller (VAR), you're already aware that when it comes to your customers, success comes from packing as much added value as you can into the technology solutions you sell them. But what about the added value for you? Added value is as great a benefit to you as it is to your customers, but as the reseller, you should be looking for ways to get that added value—not from your technologies, but from your security technology distributors. Here are three ways to do so.

1. Get access to the broadest range of vendors and products possible

No two security distributors are exactly alike, as you know. Some offer only a limited variety of vendors and/or products compared to others. But no matter what size your security distributor’s portfolio, they should be giving you access to—and support for—all of their product offerings, as well as options for financing, should you require it to begin selling some of those offerings. Few enterprises are single-vendor shops these days. In the vast majority of cases, the greatest value for your customers will come in multi-vendor architectures. Don't let your security distributor hold you back from providing that value. 

2. Leverage the expertise of truly qualified sales engineers and technical support staff

It would be nearly impossible for a single person to possess all the knowledge of all the different vendors and all the different technologies involved in building out a high-performance, high-value, custom multi-vendor architecture. Here's where the quality of your security distributor's sales engineers and technical support staff come into play. Are the support personnel you work with knowledgeable not just in one vendor's products, but in products and technologies across several vendors? In other words, are they generalists? The generalists are the ones who will provide the most help and value when it's time to build a multi-vendor solution for your customers. Make sure you can count on help from those generalists when you need it. 

3. Partner with your distributor to provide additional services

Services like network and vulnerability assessments and penetration testing deliver tremendous value to customers considering upgrades to their existing security infrastructure. Such services can pinpoint the exact areas where their current technology falls short, identifying the greatest risks so that those can be addressed first. Of course, not every VAR has the resources to offer those services independently. Does your security distributor provide vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, done by qualified and certified subject matter experts? If so, you can get dramatically more value from your distributor by partnering with them to offer those services to your customers.

As you can see, a security distributor should be able to provide you with more than just a handful of security technologies for resale. To make the most of your distributor relationship, you'll need access to a broad portfolio of vendors and products, highly trained generalist technology experts who are up to date on the latest enterprise technologies, and additional services to help your customers figure out what they need so that you can provide it.

Are you happy with the value you're getting from your security distributor? To learn more about what Ingram Micro can provide, speak to an Ingram Micro Networking and Security specialist today.