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Finally—a multifactor authentication solution that’s easy to roll out

Cisco Duo functions like a gateway for your existing and future IT infrastructure

February 25, 2020

Finally—a multifactor authentication solution that’s easy to roll out
Nearly every IT admin knows that passwords are the Achilles’ heel of security. According to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigation Report, 80% of security breaches involve compromised passwords. The solution to this challenge is multifactor authentication (MFA), which uses a second source, like a phone or token, to verify user identity before granting access.
Cisco’s Duo is a trust-driven, unified access security and MFA solution that provides reliable, secure application access. Its MFA capabilities allow it to verify users’ identities—not just their credentials, which is a key factor in establishing “zero trust.” The Duo solution is flexible and made up of three interconnecting options that can be customized to meet customer needs:
  1. Duo MFA ($3/user/month)—authenticates users with more than just credentials. It establishes trust with MFA that provides users with secure access to corporate applications seamlessly. This edition empowers customers by verifying the identity of all users with strong two-factor authentication (2FA), and it’s an essential first step in any zero-trust model. Understanding who’s on the other end of an access request can mean the difference between business productivity and a breach. It also provides numerous authentication methods, such as Duo Push through a mobile app, universal second factor (U2F) and phone call back, making authentication easy for administrators and end users. Duo’s user self-enrollment method is intuitive enough for anyone to do on their own. Users can also enroll additional authentication devices, reducing burdens on help desk resources. To simplify administrators’ lives, Duo offers several ways to deploy and manage MFA quickly, even in large organizations. Admins can leverage automatic enrollment options, integrations with Active Directory and Azure AD or simply input users from a .csv file.  
  2. Duo Access ($6/user/month)—enables BYOD (bring your own device) and enforces adaptive success policies. Duo Access builds on Duo MFA, establishing device visibility in managed and unmanaged devices. This edition empowers customers to gain detailed visibility into the security hygiene of every device. It also helps companies reduce risk by enforcing precise policies and controls without compromising the end user experience. And with Duo’s phishing simulator, Cisco partners can conduct phishing vulnerability assessments and quickly identify vulnerable users. 
  3. Duo Beyond ($9/user/month)—encompasses all the benefits of MFA and Access while also establishing user-device trust and remote access alternatives to private apps. This edition empowers customers and encourages BYOD by enforcing policies for corporate vs. personal devices and allowing users to work from anywhere at any time. Duo’s endpoint visibility dashboard shows a breakdown of all corporate and personal devices on the network, allowing admins to enforce policies accordingly. Duo also allows users to integrate with their current enterprise device management platform to control application access at the device or user level. This enables admins to apply policy to specific user groups or devices accessing an application. Duo also makes it easier for companies to identify and block unauthorized devices from accessing the network and applications.
To learn more about how Duo works and to sign up for a free trial, visit https://duo.com/product/multi-factor-authentication-mfa.