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Exposing Network Vulnerabilities in a Corporate Environment

July 13, 2017

Exposing Network Vulnerabilities in a Corporate Environment


During the first stages of your engagement with a new customer—or at any stage during an existing engagement when the topic of networking and security infrastructure refreshes comes up—some of the most critical services you'll be able to offer are network vulnerability assessments. Without a well-executed vulnerability assessment, figuring out what hardware and software your customer truly needs for security and compliance will be a guessing game. Vulnerability assessments will identify the customer's true needs, thus enabling you to craft custom solutions that result in significantly greater long-term satisfaction.

When it comes to exposing network vulnerabilities in a corporate environment, the following three assessments will provide the most value to networking and security VARs:

1. Infrastructure assessment

Networking infrastructure is the backbone of your customers' connectivity and, often, the home of its most dangerous security vulnerabilities. An infrastructure assessment performed by an unbiased technical architect will provide granular, actionable information about your customer's network infrastructure. Infrastructure assessments include a full IT inventory that identifies end-of-life devices, a topology diagram, and detailed analysis of any security vulnerabilities uncovered. Assessments can also include simulations for planned or proposed upgrades. Based on the results of the infrastructure assessment, VARs and their customers can improve and optimize network infrastructure and address vulnerabilities more efficiently and effectively.

2. Wireless network assessment

In today's always connected BYOD world, the wireless network is just as important as the wired, and security gaps and vulnerabilities in the wireless network can lead to costly compliance violations and disastrous data breaches. Wireless network assessments tailored to fit the technologies of industry-leading vendors will provide detailed site maps and configuration information, thus enabling VARs and their customers to identify any areas from which unauthorized network access could be made. In addition, analysis of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency spectrum issues can serve to improve overall reliability and performance.

3. Penetration testing

Finally, there's penetration testing, arguably the most critical network vulnerability assessment. Conducted by a technical architect and/or certified "white hat" hacker, penetration testing evaluates the corporate IT security perimeter for any weaknesses that could result in infiltration by an unauthorized outside party, such as a hacker or government agency. Penetration tests include both manual and automated testing techniques and can address not only security issues, but also compliance issues relevant to businesses that must abide by such regulations as HIPAA, HITECH, Sarbanes-Oxley, or PCI DSS. The detailed recommendations delivered at the end of penetration testing are an invaluable tool for organizations looking to strengthen their security postures and maintain regulatory compliance. 

When it comes to exposing network vulnerabilities in a corporate environment and securing your customers' sensitive infrastructure and data, guessing is never the best way to begin. Through objective, methodical, thorough, and detailed vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, you can uncover your customers' true needs and provide the hardware and software recommendations that will best meet those needs. The improved security and compliance you provide will put you in the best position for customer satisfaction and profitable long-term relationships.

Does your firm offer a range of network vulnerability assessments to your customers? To learn more about how Ingram Micro can help expand your service offerings, speak to an Ingram Micro Networking and Security specialist today.