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Don’t sell physical security without reading this first

February 09, 2017

Don’t sell physical security without reading this first


There’s been a lot of interest lately among IT VARs to begin selling physical security solutions. With today’s latest IP-based security solutions being easier than ever to install, there’s little reason for VARs to pass such business off to a security-focused dealer.

Additionally, since most IT VARs already “own” their customers’ networks, it just makes sense to be a part of all the technology that resides on that network. All said, adding physical security to one’s line card is a great way to generate additional revenue and grow one’s business.

However, there are some important details you should consider before making the leap to physical security. I’m not talking about cash flow or your number of sales reps or technicians, despite their importance. Rather, I’m referring to some intangibles that might surprise you.


Those who are passionate about protecting their clients and truly finding the right security solutions will rise to the top. Being passionate will allow you to better listen to your clients, better conceptualize, add more value to your solutions and position you as a thought leader. Customers will want to work with you when you’re engaged in the process and show that you care about their business. 


Anyone can provide technology, but the real trick is becoming a trusted advisor who truly understands the safety and security ecosystem and how everything is integrated—not just from a network standpoint but from an operational and personnel standpoint as well. Deploying an enterprise-level solution might pad your sales numbers, but if it’s not the right solution for your client and they aren’t prepared to fully use the system the right way, will they trust you for future projects? Knowing your clients and their true capabilities will help you select the right solution.


Many VARs lack creativity and go with a cookie-cutter approach to security, relying on the technologies to essentially document an event or try to deter an event from occurring. While those goals are fine, it’s also possible to use the technologies in a more proactive manner to help predict or develop trends in activity. More so than with other technologies, today’s latest physical security solutions can do amazing things if you can open your mind and get creative.


You can’t rely on your customers to develop their own vision of their IT future. You should be able to illustrate how a strategic security plan can grow and evolve with their business and provide an ROI. Your lack of vision can hold you back in this market and render you irrelevant to your customers. Don’t allow yourself to become obsolete because you lack vision. Stay current with current trends, show your value, and avoid creating any sort of negative impression by leaving doubt in your customers’ minds.

By ensuring you and your employees are in the right place concerning the above characteristics, you greatly increase your chances of success. Adding physical security solutions to your line card without addressing these factors is a recipe for failure. For more insight into how to successfully sell physical security solutions, visit http://us-new.ingrammicro.com/pages/solutions-physical-security-home.aspx.