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Cisco AMP for Endpoints: stopping the riskiest 1% of cyberthreats

April 23, 2019

Cisco AMP for Endpoints: stopping the riskiest 1% of cyberthreats
Many endpoint security solutions, such as antivirus software, protect users from 99% of threats; it’s the remaining one percent (i.e., the most dangerous threats) that they miss. Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints closes this gap by preventing threats at the point of entry then continuously tracking every file it allows onto an endpoint. And AMP can uncover even the most advanced threats—including fileless malware and ransomware—in hours, not days and months.
Case in point: Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines is a large airline and operations company that has 31,500 employees and is based in Istanbul, Turkey. With confidential customer data potentially at risk, the airline wanted to upgrade its security posture to encompass more endpoint detection and remediation (EDR) capabilities such as continuous monitoring to enable greater endpoint visibility. “We need to be pioneering new technology to better understand our customers and create operational efficiency,” says Ali Serdar Yakut, the airline’s CIO.
Because of the increase in customer demands as well as the frequency of cyberattacks, security became a top concern, also. With the escalation in sophisticated attacks, Turkish Airlines also needed to incorporate more effective threat hunting, incident detection and response capabilities. Its security team was previously spending countless hours, and even days, detecting and remediating threats.
To more effectively secure its customers and business data, Turkish Airlines deployed Cisco AMP for Endpoints and Cisco Umbrella. As a result, the airlines gained much-needed visibility and investigative analysis into its environment. “The flexibility and network visibility that is provided by Cisco AMP and Umbrella has made our operations more effective,” said Kadir Yildiz, the company’s VP of IT governance.
The next-generation endpoint security advantage
Unlike traditional endpoint security solutions, which focus exclusively on cyberattack prevention, Cisco AMP for Endpoints goes beyond point-in-time capabilities and is built to protect organizations before, during and after an attack. AMP provides a repository to check against in the event an infected file comes in through an email system, for example. And its architecture checks a file in the event of a disposition change (e.g., if a message changes from clean or unknown to malicious) and notifies customers retrospectively about every inbox where the associated message was delivered.
Test drive Cisco AMP for Endpoints for free
Talk to your Ingram Micro Cisco sales representative to learn more about how Cisco AMP for Endpoints can help you defend your customers from advanced cyberattacks. Also, click here to sign up for a free two- to four-week trial.