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Check Point Harmony: a unified security solution

November 24, 2022

Check Point Harmony: a unified security solution

As employees continue to migrate toward hybrid work and remote work environments, the mobile digital landscape expands with innumerable devices. And the vulnerabilities associated with this expansion can be unpredictable. Your customers are looking for solutions that meet their needs today and into the future. With this in mind, Check Point has created the first unified security solution for users, devices and access: Check Point Harmony.

Check Point Harmony consolidates six security products to provide uncompromised protection and simplicity for everyone. It protects devices and internet connections from the most sophisticated attacks while ensuring zero trust access to corporate applications.

With Harmony, users get the same level of protection regardless of where they are, the applications they access or devices they use. This quick security assessment can reveal gaps and vulnerabilities your customers may be facing. Download our Check Point Harmony flyer to learn more.

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