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Building holistic managed security services

September 24, 2020

Building holistic managed security services
While MSPs can offer single-function managed security services, such as managed antivirus or managed firewalls, the question is this: Why limit the value proposition when the need is dynamic and pervasive? There isn’t a single security service or technology that can address all the business data, device and infrastructure protection and risk mitigation needs of your customers. One layer of security is not enough.
Savvy MSPs offer holistic security services consisting of complementary, synergistic, overlapping security technologies that work both independently and in concert to prevent, detect, analyze, respond to (stop), mitigate (minimize damage of) and recover from attacks.
At the same time, a cybersecurity jobs shortage makes it difficult for organizations to find the staff they need. Managed security services help fill that gap and introduce needed automation to keep businesses safe.
In this playbook, we give you everything you need to offer a holistic and effective managed security services offering. Topics include the overall market opportunity, why a “defense-in-depth” strategy is the most effective, essential services to offer and pricing models.
Download the playbook