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Build holistic managed security services with this free playbook

September 09, 2020

Build holistic managed security services with this free playbook
Cybersecurity isn’t easy. Don’t let anyone fool you. Files, apps, networks, cloud, devices all have to be accounted for and guarded from attack. And that complexity only grows as businesses scale up—think massive data centers or offices with thousands of connected devices. Managing it all can lead to headaches, so many businesses hire a managed security services provider (MSSP) to handle security logistics and management for them. MSSPs provide security as a service (SaaS) infrastructure, technology and support necessary to keep clients safe, up and running and less stressed (about security).
While it’s possible for businesses to build their own security infrastructure, it’s often cheaper for them to lease existing services and infrastructure from a managed security service provider. Most MSSPs also offer tiered contracts, allowing clients to save even more by only paying for the services they need. Yet the most valuable MSSP is one that offers holistic infrastructure protection: end-to-end services that can serve as a one-stop-shop for all security needs, from the simple to the uber-complex.
How can you build a holistic security as a service offering? A good place to start is with Ingram Micro’s Building Holistic Managed Security Services playbook. Download it for free and learn how to add robust security services practices to your company, plus get connected with vendors offering essential resources for holistic MSSPs.