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Box Grows Its Vertical Market Reach with IBM Partnership

August 06, 2017

Box Grows Its Vertical Market Reach with IBM Partnership

 For value-added resellers (VARs) who have been heavily focused on the hardware and infrastructure side of enterprise technology, the rise of public cloud computing may have seemed like an unwelcome development. What place is there for on-premises compute and storage if enterprises begin to use third-party servers en masse? But there is a place in the brave, new cloud world for the VAR, as the new services partnership between Box and IBM, announced last month, demonstrates.

The VAR Guy reports:

Box (BOX) and IBM (IBM) pledged to work together to sell more of the former’s technology and services to enterprises and to integrate the latter’s portfolio of security, analytics, content management and social into a new set of custom, cloud-based collaboration solutions.

This is great news for VARs already working with IBM solutions, as it creates new opportunities to add cloud services into technology offerings. The combination of Box's cloud storage technologies with IBM's enterprise-class security, analytics, and other business capabilities, making for a perfect marriage of cloud and business.

What does this mean for VARs?

For one thing, jumping aboard the Box and IBM alliance can open doors into different vertical markets. Industries like healthcare, finance, retail, energy, and education have long been strong components of the IBM customer base, according to The VAR Guy; the partnership with Box brings the promise of expanded cloud storage functionality with enterprise-grade security to those sectors. The deal also expands Box's reach for enterprise users, as "the deal will enable Box users to store files on IBM's SoftLayer platform," which leverages 40 IBM data centers around the world.

As the cost savings and flexibility, agility, and scalability advantages of the cloud continue to make themselves apparent to the enterprise, more and more business will shift away from hardware and infrastructure and into cloud services. Among other benefits, the cloud eases the mobilization and BYOD-ification of the enterprise. If an organization wants to empower its information workers to be able to connect and stay productive from any location, on any network, using any device, the cloud is essential. IBM's partnership with Box will allow IBM to make use of Box's APIs and iOS and mobile application technologies, significantly easing the way toward a fully connected and cloud-enabled workplace.

From the VAR perspective, now's the time to begin learning about how IBM, Box, and the cloud in general can benefit your customers and bring you more business, if you're not already up to date. While there will always be organizations with a need for on-premises hardware solutions, the infrastructure market is ceding ground to the new cloud ecosystem—and even businesses implementing new boxes on site will want to explore ways to make the most of those boxes through cloud technology.

Are you prepared to take advantage of the growing demand for cloud and the opportunities that the Box and IBM partnership will bring? If you need more information or resources to get started, talk to an Ingram Micro specialist today.