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An affordable way to secure your data center

July 31, 2017

An affordable way to secure your data center



Here's one security tip you probably haven't considered

Security has never been more “top of mind” than it is today. New exploits pop up daily and your customers are desperate for solutions that really work, and that won’t bankrupt their businesses in the process.

You’ve already learned about next-generation firewalls, endpoint protection and the latest threats to your network security, but there’s one simple and affordable solution that many overlook.

Don't neglect training

It’s no big secret that human error is the number one cause of most security breaches. Nearly 95% of all security incidents involve users who unwittingly provide access to sensitive information and systems.

Unsuspecting associates are vulnerable to attacks and phishing schemes because most of them have never been trained on what to look for or how to avoid putting their company networks at risk for an attack.

Frankly, it’s much cheaper to train employees to observe safer cybersecurity protocols than it is to recover from an invasive cyberattack. So, even a basic security awareness training before an attack can save your customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation costs after an attack.

But it’s not only the average run-of-the-mill employee who needs to be trained in the art of cybersecurity etiquette. Many system administrators and network engineers also need to be trained to properly configure systems, follow best patch management procedures and incorporate hardened password protection policies to ensure the network isn’t vulnerable.

Simply put, even the best-designed cybersecurity solution isn’t worth a dime if the people using it, and managing it, aren’t exactly sure how to use it securely.

The good news is, training doesn’t have to cost very much —if anything. Awareness itself can go a long way to keeping the corporate network secure. Employees can benefit from helpful reminders via regular security email newsletters that share important tips; training can be performed via WebEx; and quarterly security training sessions can be hosted virtually or in person to keep security at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

If the “human element” is the most at fault for allowing unauthorized access to your customers’ networks, then a human solution makes the most sense. Communicate, train and raise awareness within the company about the dangers that are out there and the procedures that can make a real difference from inside the corporate firewall.

Security training is much more affordable than trying to recover from a cyberattack.

Help your customers keep their precious data safe by offering regular cybersecurity training services that augment your state-of-the-art security solution and build your trusted advisor status at the same time.

Ingram Micro offers a wide variety of security training to help keep you and your customers safe. To learn more, contact Ingram Micro Professional Services or Irma.Garcia@ingrammicro.com today.