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A VAR's Security Training Guide: Why Go Through Cloud Computing

March 25, 2017

A VAR's Security Training Guide: Why Go Through Cloud Computing


One of the biggest challenges facing technology resellers today is knowing which technologies are worth paying attention to (and investing in security training on), and which ones are fads that are safe to ignore. Of the many trends currently sweeping the enterprise, one of the most reliable bets is cloud computing. Here are three reasons for resellers to invest in cloud computing security training.

1. The cloud is here to stay.

While the word "cloud" still has a hint of the faddish to it, at this point cloud computing is already firmly entrenched in the enterprise. The benefits of the cloud are simply too great for businesses to ignore, and the barriers to entry are just too low. Thanks to cloud storage services and cloud-based enterprise applications, organizations of every size can instantly deploy exactly as much infrastructure as they need, scale it up or down at a moment's notice to meet current demands, and make use of applications and technologies once out of reach to all but the biggest corporations. And they can do all that at a fraction of the cost that building out private infrastructure or deploying applications on-premises would require. Businesses who still hesitate to use the cloud are falling behind, less and less able to remain competitive without vast outlays of time, money, and effort. The competitive advantage the cloud once conferred is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for business success.

2. The cloud brings a new generation of security challenges.

Above, we discussed the many advantages that cloud computing offers the enterprise. No technology is without its dark side, however. Cloud computing has quite the dark side: a dramatic increase in security risks and vulnerabilities. This results in large part from the fact that public cloud computing requires enterprises to place their data (and their trust) in the hands and servers of third party service providers, many of which are reticent about the details of their security architecture and processes. Hacks and breaches are a constant worry, and so is the fear that a malicious insider at a cloud provider will expose sensitive or legally protected data, for which the originating business would be held liable. Security concerns are, in fact, the top reason why some businesses continue to avoid public cloud computing. In many cases, it is up to the reseller to educate such businesses on the ways they can mitigate the risks and enjoy the rewards of cloud computing. 

3. Cloud computing security challenges have driven development of a new world of security solutions.

Where there's a demand, there will be a response, and the information security industry has stepped up to the cloud security plate in a big way. A number of solutions exist to make enterprise cloud adoption safe and in compliance with data privacy regulations. Among them are on-premises data encryption gateways that protect data before it ever reaches the cloud; cloud application access portals that reduce the risk of unauthorized access to corporate clouds by requiring additional layers of user authentication; and cloud-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and user activity monitoring tools to maintain administrator visibility into, and control over, what's going on with enterprise data in the cloud. Resellers who can make the case for these technologies are well positioned to help their customers get over the last of their cloud objections, adopting the cloud and opening up new avenues of business along the way.

Unlike some other current technology buzzwords, cloud computing is no longer a fad. It has become commonplace in the enterprise and is only becoming more commonplace and more powerful. Resellers who seize the moment and train now in cloud computing security solutions will be first in line to reap the rewards. 

Are you ready to advise your customers on secure cloud adoption? If not, get in touch with our security experts today to find out how.