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5 Reasons to Include PSaaS In Your Value-Added Reseller Business Plan

December 21, 2017

5 Reasons to Include PSaaS In Your Value-Added Reseller Business Plan


Software as a service (SaaS) is one of the newest, most exciting innovations in the world of technology. And it’s about to start having a big impact on your business.

PSaaS—or Physical Security as a Service—is a method of delivering applications in which access control, video surveillance, and other security functions are hosted at an outsourced data center. Then, the value-added reseller delivers the applications to the end user as a service through a monthly subscription.

What does the growth of PSaaS mean for you, and should you incorporate it into your business? Here, we count down five of the key reasons to consider including PSaaS in your value-added reseller business plan going forward:

1. Service-based business plans are catching on.

SaaS programs are growing rapidly in nearly every corner of the technology field. In fact, research estimates that more than 27 percent of all worldwide enterprise applications will be SaaS-based by 2018. This is a clear indication that more functions are moving to a service-based model—a trend that holds true in the physical security industry as well.

2. SaaS is an opportunity to differentiate your business.

Although the idea behind SaaS has been around for more than a decade, it is still a fairly new approach in many corners of the physical security market. That means that you have an opportunity to get in on the early stages of PSaaS and differentiate your business as one that specializes in service-based security offerings. But move quickly: This trend is only going to grow as more customers realize its incredible potential.

3. PSaaS holds potential benefits for your customers.

Security end users are drawn to PSaaS as a way to help control costs by reducing capital expenditures, as well as to ensure easy growth and updating over time. Because your clients don’t have to invest in their own hardware and software in order to house on site, they can easily scale up or upgrade their system as their needs change—which helps shield their investment from becoming obsolete. In addition, PSaaS helps make access control and video surveillance much easier to manage, which is particularly attractive for smaller clients without their own security or IT departments.

4. Leveraging the cloud helps streamline ongoing service and support.

Not only does PSaaS benefit your customers, but it can also help make your job easier. By using cloud computing in order to provide access control and video surveillance services to your customers, your own tasks associated with ongoing technical service and support are likely to be streamlined.

That’s because the majority of the hardware and software for a given installation is outsourced to a third party, which will be responsible for much of the technical service and support. Your role will be minimized, giving you the chance to focus more on building your business and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

5. You’ll enjoy greater opportunity for recurring revenue.

Delivering physical security as a service, rather than through a one-time installation, presents lucrative opportunities for recurring revenue. You can provide your customers with a variety of ongoing services, including data storage, video analysis, and alarm management. For your business, this means steady, ongoing revenue that can help you build your business and weather seasonal slowdowns.

Do you currently include PSaaS in your product offering? If not, do you plan to add it sometime in the next few years?