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5 reasons to enroll in critical security controls training

January 09, 2018

5 reasons to enroll in critical security controls training


With cybersecurity a key concern in business today—and threats evolving and growing in sophistication all the time—organizations are looking for the best way to protect and defend their critical assets. And your customers may look to you for advice.

 If they haven’t considered critical security controls training, you should strongly recommend it to them. Critical security controls training is a series of courses that teaches best practices for detecting, thwarting and monitoring external and internal threats—a comprehensive approach to preventing security breaches. Here are 5 reasons it’s so valuable:

1. Critical security controls are based on real world insights. They were developed by studying actual cyberattacks that have been launched in the past, as documented by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

2.  They were developed by security experts worldwide—thought leaders and practitioners from the private and public sectors.

3. They’re comprehensive. There are 20 critical security controls in all, covering a range of activities, including malware defense, email and web browser protection, data protection and recovery, applications software security, incident response and management, and more.

4. They’ve become the industry standard. Considered the best possible defense and offense in today’s threat landscape, critical security controls have been adopted by a broad range of organizations, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Federal Reserve, state governments, universities and many major companies.

5. The training is intensive, hands-on learning. The SANS Institute offers critical security controls training to thousands of security professionals around the world. CISOs, CIOs and other security professionals learn by doing in a deep dive designed to help them master the techniques and tools they’ll need to implement and audit the controls in their respective organizations. The training can be done in a classroom setting, self-paced over the Internet, or in mentored settings in various cities worldwide.

An asset for resellers

If you’re looking to grow your security practice—and position yourself as a true security expert—it may be worth investing in critical security control training for yourself and other key personnel in your company. The more you know, the better you can advise your customers.

One thing’s for sure, the cybersecurity threat isn’t going away, so it pays to arm yourself and your customers with the best defenses and offenses out there.