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4 Ways to Step Up Your Global Security Game for 2016

December 01, 2017

4 Ways to Step Up Your Global Security Game for 2016


With a new year on the horizon, taking stock of the news on the IT security front shows some trends from the past year that are unnerving, to say the least. Many very high-profile, very disturbing hacks occurred in 2015, and the fallout is still being felt. It became clear this year that the security industry is being given a run for its money by nefarious actors of all types, from all regions, and with all types of different interests.

The good news is that we have seen that enterprises can be dynamic enough to implement secure solutions that can confront these security threats. How can we make sure that solution providers are taking cybersecurity to the next level in order to face the world of emerging next-level threats? Here are four ways that you can step up your global security game for 2016.

Implement Digital Threat Intelligence

Digital threat intelligence is one of the most promising areas of cybersecurity solutions. Cross-enterprise sharing of targeted, relevant information that makes enterprises aware of emerging malware threats, their risk for possible exposure, and the steps they should take in order to stay safe will only become more important in the coming year. Implementing solutions that use high-quality data (and empowering IT staff to act on those data) is a must for upping the global security game.

Sell Cybersecurity to the Top Brass

Years ago, the IT department did not always have the ear of the C-suite. But now that data breaches seem to hit the news as fast as they happen, people in the upper echelons of businesses are aware of both the financial impact and the brand damage associated with being hacked. In 2016, you will have an easier time explaining to the C-suite their cybersecurity risk profile and what they need to do in order to fix it. It will be a good year for having the C-suite on board.

Help Change the Mindset on Data Susceptibility

Many of the big-name data breaches that occurred this year involved threats that indicated a drastically different cyberthreat landscape from the one that existed only two years ago.

Whereas the high-profile data breaches earlier in the decade targeted point-of-sale networks and credit card information, things changed in 2015. Hacks targeting healthcare providers and medical data skyrocketed, Advanced Persistent Threats were used in order to extract personnel data from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, and other high-profile hacks led to private individuals’ highly personal, controversial user data being leaked to the media at large.

This paints a picture of a security landscape where what the data hackers consider valuable—and what the data enterprises need to prioritize for protection—has changed. Taking this into consideration when discussing security needs with clients is a must for facing 2016’s security threats.

Keep an Eye on IoT

It is always in the best interest of a solution provider to keep an eye on emerging industry trends, and there is no trend that is bigger than the Internet of Things (IoT). With big-name retailers promoting IoT devices and solution providers coming up with new models for device interactivity, the technology is growing in prominence in both business and home markets. Nobody knows just where the IoT is going, but whichever way the technology develops, it will offer plenty of security concerns and room for solution providers to handle a plethora of new needs.

What other trends do you see coming to the global security landscape in 2016?