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4 Ways BYOD Increases Employee Engagement

July 22, 2017

4 Ways BYOD Increases Employee Engagement



BYOD is gradually becoming a must, especially for more forward-looking organizations. BYOD is widely considered a job benefit or perk, especially among younger workers, and 38 percent of companies are planning to stop providing corporate mobile devices altogether by 2016, according to recent Gartner research. But companies typically don't start large-scale technology initiatives simply to provide a new perk. How does BYOD benefit employers? For one thing, it can dramatically increase employee engagement. Here are four reasons why.

1. Choice

BYOD initiatives give employees more choice and control when it comes to their mobile and computing devices, a big factor when it comes to increasing employee engagement. Essentially, the more empowered an employee feels to shape his working environment—in which devices play a large role—the more satisfied and engaged the employee will feel with his job. That satisfaction and engagement can lead to greater productivity and better employee retention in the long run.

2. Convenience

BYOD also makes employees' daily lives more convenient by allowing them to consolidate their personal and their business mobile and computing needs onto just the devices of their choosing. Very few people enjoy juggling a personal smartphone, a corporate Blackberry, and multiple laptops as well. Reducing those devices to just the ones the employee chooses is more convenient from the employee's point of view. That convenience will further improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

3. Accessibility

A major drawback of corporate-provided devices is the long upgrade cycle necessitated by limited budgets. In most cases, employees simply won't be given the most up-to-date technology possible, which can limit the accessibility of the cloud-based services and applications that are becoming increasingly popular in the enterprise. Personally owned devices are often more advanced than corporate-owned ones, allowing employees to make better use of other enterprise applications on the go.

4. Fun

Finally, there's nothing like fun to increase employee engagement, and consumer-oriented devices just tend to be more fun to use than staid corporate Blackberries and ThinkPads. Faster processors, snazzier GUIs, and more modern capabilities simply make the computing experience more enjoyable, and that enjoyment can translate into more time spent working and less time spent longing for a better computing experience.

Of course, any BYOD initiative must be approached with caution. BYOD comes with some serious security and networking challenges that must be addressed appropriately to ensure a successful rollout. Here's where a VAR, acting in the role of an enterprise's trusted security and technology advisor, comes in. As they work on increasing employee engagement, your customers will need your expertise in technology solutions to alleviate security and privacy concerns. Networking upgrades and simplifications may also become necessary, as will strong BYOD policy development.

Are you ready to sell BYOD as a way to increase employee engagement and productivity? If you're not sure your expertise is up to scratch, speak to an Ingram Micro information security and business development specialist today to fill in the blanks.

How do you see BYOD increasing employee engagement (or not)? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.