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3 Vendors to Know for BYOD Support and Security

November 05, 2017

3 Vendors to Know for BYOD Support and Security



Thanks to its numerous cost savings and productivity benefits, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has developed a strong footprint in enterprises both large and small. This has opened up numerous opportunities for both OEMs and VARs to leverage the resultant increased need for next-generation network, endpoint, and mobile security. As we've discussed in this space before, BYOD should never be adopted haphazardly. It requires a reevaluation of existing infrastructure and may demand additional technologies. As you work with your customers to develop their BYOD strategy, keep these three vendors and their BYOD support and security offerings in mind.

1. Juniper Networks

For many BYOD organizations, a key element of BYOD support and security is Network Access Control (NAC). A strong NAC solution is a first line of defense against unauthorized or compromised devices attempting to access the corporate network and the resources it connects to.

Policy Secure provides high security, automaton, unified access policy with seamless mobility for the enterprise. It is designed to secure, support, and manage even the most complex enterprise networks, including those with substantial cloud deployments. The Policy Secure product offers licenses specifically designed for guest network access with the ability to create time-limited guest accounts. Additionally, the Pulse Secure solutions are standards-based, allowing for integration and interoperability with other security solutions, a must to avoid security gaps and disruptions.

2. Citrix XenMobile

Speaking of MDM, organizations looking to optimize their BYOD support and security infrastructure absolutely must use an MDM solution. MDM solutions allow administrators a necessary level of control over BYOD devices so that they can push out security software and patches as needed, validate device security settings, and set and enforce access policies.

When it comes to MDM, Citrix's XenMobile offers a comprehensive platform for securing and managing BYOD deployments. Among the key benefits that help XenMobile stand out in a sea of BYOD solutions are its selection of enterprise-class secure productivity apps, which include email, calendar, web browsing, and file sync and share applications. The configuration and security controls and granular remote wipe capabilities that come standard in many BYOD solutions are also on offer here, and on-premises and cloud deployment options give enterprises the flexibility to choose how to consume the product.

3. IBM Fiberlink's MaaS360

Another comprehensive enterprise mobility solution to check out is IBM Fiberlink's MaaS360, which the vendor touts as going beyond simple MDM to provide total enterprise mobility management. MDM is, of course, a key component in the MaaS360 offering, but alongside MDM capabilities, MaaS360 also provides an secure enterprise mobile productivity suite, mobile application management, secure document sharing tools to reduce the likelihood of end users turning to riskier consumer-facing file sync and share services, and laptop management to extend the solution's benefits beyond smartphones. The laptop lifecycle management is of particular importance, since it enables self-service Windows and Mac OSX laptop enrollment and eases configuration, visibility, control, and reporting tasks for the IT department.

These three vendors are just the tip of the growing BYOD support and security iceberg. What other BYOD support and security vendors do you recommend? Tell us your favorites in the comments.