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3 reasons you should sell video surveillance

September 25, 2017

3 reasons you should sell video surveillance


If you’re looking for attractive recurring revenue streams, high profitability and technology that can truly help your customers, look no further than video surveillance. The state of this industry is very healthy and, if you’re looking to get involved, the timing has never been better for three simple reasons.

1.) It's easier than ever to install

Installing and configuring video surveillance solutions has improved by leaps and bounds in just the past few years. Nearly every new IP camera uses power over Ethernet (PoE), meaning you can use the same Ethernet cable for power and data transmission.

Many cameras and video management systems (VMSs) also offer plug-and-play capabilities where the VMS will automatically discover them. It’s safe to say that the time to set up cameras has been cut in half.

Installing the VMS has also been made easier. Most can be up and running in a couple hours, thanks to the aforementioned autodiscovery and the setup wizards many manufacturers have created.

In short, you can expect the installation to go smoothly and take less time, which means increased profitability when you do the job right the first time and recover labor hours.

2.) Using the software is less complicated

Once you have the system up and running, you can expect your customers to need little help in using the VMS, thanks again to improvements from the manufacturers. Navigation has been streamlined and common tasks simplified. Complex software that required hours of training has been made user-friendly. Indeed, powerful functionality is just a click away in most cases.

A customer that can use the software and experience the benefits is going to be a happy customer that will return to you. In the past, customers were often put off by complexity of the software interface, resulting in a seldom-used system.

3.) It provides many benefits to cutsomers

The majority of solution providers focus on crime prevention with camera solutions as opposed to the powerful value proposition of analytics.

In retail, it’s easy for a store owner to count people walking into the store in a day and then compare that to the amount or number of sales. Without such insight, a retailer might be overlooking a problem. Heatmapping functionality can show where customers go once in the store.

In transportation, analytics can immediately identify if someone left behind a backpack or back and alert authorities to check the article for safety. Stadiums can use analytics to help understand parking lot capacity and reroute people as needed.

Many of these functions can be done today by having a human take the time to analyze video feeds; however, with analytics, these functions can be done faster and more effectively.

In short, video surveillance systems have become business tools. The sooner you understand and embrace this, the more success you’ll have selling against competition stuck in the old way of thinking.

If you need help in understanding this market, getting started or simply want more information on video surveillance, contact Chris Kacala or our physical security expert, Jason Destein.