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3 BYOD Solutions to Research for the Manufacturing Sector

August 27, 2017

3 BYOD Solutions to Research for the Manufacturing Sector



In the past few years, BYOD's popularity has spread to nearly every vertical, and for good reason: No matter the industry, every organization wants to cut costs and improve worker productivity wherever it can. Some industries have been slower to adopt BYOD thanks to security and confidentiality concerns, though. Manufacturing is one of those industries. The tech industry now offers a plethora of BYOD solutions that can address manufacturers' BYOD concerns; here are three to keep an eye on.

1. MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite

When it comes to manufacturing, one key BYOD concern is the security and confidentiality of data related to logistics, customers, and proprietary systems and processes. Without proper separation and control of corporate applications and data, BYOD devices themselves can become critical vulnerabilities for the organization, and device owners can become insider threats.

The first of our BYOD solutions to watch aims to reduce these risks by creating a secure environment for work data and applications, separate from the device owner's personal apps and data. The MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite comes with a secure email client, full-featured Web browser, and mobile application container. These applications and the overall productivity suite stand out among BYOD solutions thanks to their focus on data leakage prevention both within the apps themselves—they restrict cut, copy, and paste as well as email forwarding, for example—and on the device level. Policies can be set at the user level, and administrators can remotely wipe either the suite container, individual app containers, enterprise user profiles, or entire devices as needed.

MaaS360 is developed by IBM's Fiberlink, which brings two decades of enterprise mobility management experience to the table and was recognized as a 2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for MDM, making the vendor one of the most established and trustworthy on the market.

2. Fluke Networks AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO and AirMagnet Enterprise

Wireless network access and security are also key BYOD concerns. In fast-paced manufacturing environments, no one has time to manually check and validate every device an employee or visitor might bring on the premises. Unfortunately, should a rogue device—one that's unauthorized and perhaps either compromised or in the hands of a data thief—access the network, outages can occur and sensitive or proprietary data can be stolen.

Network test and monitoring vendor Fluke Networks can help manufacturers prevent the infiltration of their networks by rogue devices using the Fluke Networks BYOD Classification capability available on the Fluke Networks AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO and AirMagnet Enterprise wireless network analysis solutions. The BYOD Classification capability can detect and analyze smart devices over the air, providing instant visibility and enabling rapid response to potential threats in BYOD manufacturing environments.  When it comes to BYOD solutions, attention must be paid to access and security, and Fluke Networks eases that task.

3. Cisco BYOD Smart Solution

Ever ambitious, networking giant Cisco hopes to tie together all the disparate functions of BYOD solutions into a single unified solution for BYOD organizations. The Cisco BYOD Smart Solution is an end-to-end BYOD architecture that provides security and scalability, integrates manufacturing enterprise applications like MRP and MES with production data and plant-floor instrumentation in real time, and offers simplified management and provisioning, all while supporting voice and video collaboration across mobile platforms. Cisco promises that the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution can leverage BYOD to increase supply chain agility, enable continuous innovation, and achieve operational excellence, greatly benefiting the BYOD manufacturing organization.

What other BYOD solutions are you researching? Tell us what you've found in the comments.