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From authentication to governance and administration: identity and access management with SecurID

December 21, 2021

From authentication to governance and administration: identity and access management with SecurID
Identity and access management (IAM) is essential to maintaining data and device security for businesses of all sizes. IAM is especially critical now, given that today’s dynamic workforce needs access to business resources from anywhere and on multiple devices, as well as the fact that businesses are migrating more resources and operations to the cloud.
SecurID, an RSA business, is a robust IAM solution that can help organizations develop the identity infrastructure they need. The first step to implementing IAM is to put multifactor authentication (MFA) in place. MFA goes beyond usernames and passwords for tighter security. SecurID’s MFA solution offers a range of authentication methods, including mobile-based, push-to-approve and one-time passcodes, passwordless options like biometrics and FIDO-based authentication, and hardware tokens. SecurID also enables users to authenticate from anywhere, on any device, even if internet service is unreliable or unavailable.
To keep resources secure while making them accessible for people who legitimately need them, SecurID also offers risk-based authentication, which allows businesses to base authentication requirements and access decisions on the level of risk posed by an access attempt. By determining the context for an access attempt, such as who seeks access, from where and on what device, SecurID can gauge access risk. Using machine learning, SecurID learns from its assessments and applies that knowledge to future requests. As a result, if a given user requests access to the same resource on the same device every day, those routine requests will be permitted. But a request from a new device would be challenged.
Beyond authentication: identity governance and administration
IAM begins with authentication, but it doesn’t stop there. The next step—and the next sales opportunity for resellers—is identity governance and administration (IGA). IGA ensures that the right people have access to the right resources for the right reasons.
SecurID Governance & Lifecycle (G&L) is an IGA solution that can be deployed easily and flexibly on-premises and in the cloud, and is a vendor-hosted and -managed service in the cloud. SecurID G&L reduces organizational risks, simplifies access provisioning and restores security teams’ time, bandwidth and resources. With SecurID G&L, enterprises can:
  • Focus on visibility — Data intelligence and automated analytics pinpoint access anomalies and violations
  • Automate everything to reduce risk — Reduce costs by automating user onboarding and providing self-service for password resets and access requests; build and enforce a solid role-based policy for employees as they join, move within or leave the organization
  • Maintain a sound compliance and regulatory posture — Create a continuous compliance program with periodic and event-based reporting to ensure appropriate role-based access
Key benefits of SecurID G&L:
  • No infrastructure investment — delivered as a service from the cloud
  • Enhanced agility and focus on business outcomes
  • Flexible, convenient pricing
  • Rapid deployment for faster time to solution value
  • Reliability, predictability and control of IT spend
  • IAM at scale — from a thousand to hundreds of thousands of users
SecurID at a glance: a proven IAM leader
  • 13,000 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, trust SecurID
  • SecurID manages 50 million identities and provides secure, convenient access to 30 million users
  • For the third consecutive year, SecurID G&L has been named an Overall Leader by KuppingerCole in their Leadership Compass report for 2021. SecurID G&L also earned Leadership ratings for Product, Innovation and Market Leadership
For more information on SecurID Governance & Lifecycle, please contact your Ingram Micro sales rep or Ingram Micro Solution Executive for RSA Security Nicole Broad at nicole.broad@ingrammicro.com.