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Why companies are moving to mobile-only and how Samsung DeX facilitates it

The new evolution: smartphone becomes PC

March 04, 2020

Why companies are moving to mobile-only and how Samsung DeX facilitates it
The near universal adoption of mobile computing and smartphones has transformed every aspect of daily life. Every industry has been affected, and many new companies have been born to leverage and capitalize on the opportunities in mobile technology.
A new way to think about work
Today’s smartphones are faster and more powerful than last decade’s supercomputers. They’re facilitating a new and more flexible approach to working—allowing individuals to blend the personal and professional throughout their day. According to a study by Frost and Sullivan, the use of mobile devices boosts productivity by 34 percent, saving workers an average of two hours per day, equally split between work and personal tasks.
Another survey, conducted by GfK, shows that employees actually prefer working on mobile. The study found that mobile workers spend about one-third of their day on their smartphones and can do half of their work on their phone.
Given findings like these, it’s not surprising that companies have already started migrating some or all of their tasks to mobile devices. In fact, industry analysts are now calling “mobile-only” the latest stage in the evolution of computing.
As this transition takes place, workers are finding they can be more efficient and productive by using their smartphones to do both mobile and desktop computing. Samsung has developed new technology to facilitate that.
Going mobile-only with Samsung DeX
Samsung DeX is a software platform, available free and built into many of the latest Samsung mobile devices. It transforms a smartphone or tablet into a killer PC (desktop or laptop). All a user needs to get started is a monitor, HDMI adapter and peripherals like a mouse and keyboard.
Once connected to a monitor via an adapter, the Samsung DeX platform boots up quickly on the monitor, offering a familiar desktop experience complete with resizable windows, drag-and-drop functionality and keyboard shortcuts.
DeX is ideal for users who want to rely solely on their phones. But it also delivers the best of all worlds—bringing together both devices on a single screen. While working on their PCs, users can quickly access all their mobile notifications and messages, take calls and even transfer files and photos to and from their smartphones with a simple drag and drop.
The benefits of Samsung DeX for your customers
Having one piece of technology that connects everything offers multiple advantages.
For employees, it means being able to use a single device to instantly access all the information they need—without having to navigate multiple OS platforms or remembering to share projects and data from one device to another.

For SMBs, DeX reduces costs by decreasing the number of PCs and laptops they have to buy or lease. And by giving employees flexibility in how they work, it fosters greater efficiency and productivity.
Your customers won’t have to worry about the safety of their networks or data either. Samsung smartphones and tablets are protected by advanced biometric security and Samsung’s defense-grade security platform, Samsung Knox.
With mobile-only the new trend in business productivity, your customers will want to stay ahead of the curve and give Samsung DeX a closer look.

To learn more about mobile-only computing and how Samsung DeX facilitates it, visit https://www.samsung.com/us/business/solutions/samsung-dex/.

And feel free to talk with your Ingram Micro sales representation to discuss how to help your customers with the mobile-only transition.