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February 24, 2022

Employees call the shots. At least in today’s corporate landscape. That’s what we’ve learned from The Great Resignation.
With the shift to employee leverage in mind, consider this stat:
Of the companies that require employees to be in the office full time, only 29% of employees want to be.
If employees truly call the shots, and the above statement is true, it puts non-remote/non-hybrid companies in a precarious, if not Darwinian, position—either invest in leading-edge hybrid offices or die. Employee retention may depend on it.
Now, here’s the good news for tech resellers and solution providers:
Only 38% of companies have elevated their video tech to foster optimal hybrid teamwork, resulting in a greenfield opportunity for resellers looking to serve the other 62% of organizations.
Ingram Micro isn’t reacting to this hybrid office trend, we’re helping resellers lead it. The engineers at our Business Transformation Center (BTC) were tasked with building an elite hybrid office package that’s optimized for resellers to sell—and they did it from the ground up. The result is the ultimate work-from-anywhere environment.
Buying opportunity
Ingram Micro’s offerings include a wide range of solutions for the hybrid office. We’ve created an environment that enables remote workers to have productive meetings with their teammates who are in the office.
Ingram Micro is pleased to offer the following buying opportunities:
Webex Cloud: The ultimate cloud contact center solution delivers one app for calling, meetings and messaging in the cloud.
Webex Board: An all-in-one collaboration device for hybrid teamwork.
Switches: A comprehensive portfolio of switching solutions for enterprise networks, data centers and smaller businesses.
Displays: Tech-enabled digital signage and displays for offices, hospitality, healthcare, retail and beyond.

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