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The new normal: Why public sector needs more hybrid infrastructure

How to support federal telework and hybrid learning

July 06, 2021

The new normal: Why public sector needs more hybrid infrastructure
As pandemic restrictions ease across the U.S., reseller partners can play a big role in helping our nation address a “new normal” for work and school environments. For many government and education organizations, one of the largest needs is for hybrid cloud and hybrid infrastructure.
What’s driving this trend?
As part of the American Rescue Plan, President Joseph Biden signed an executive order mandating that all federal agencies keep a remote workforce intact and strategize infrastructure to support it. Meanwhile, at the local level, federal relief funds are being dispersed to states in an effort to aid schools with infrastructure gaps, including how to sustain new educational workloads.
Both of these trends drive massive opportunities for hybrid cloud and data center solutions. So whether you’re trying to support federal telework, government employees working from home or students juggling hybrid classrooms, here are 4 things to keep in mind for cloud public sector:
Movement to hybrid cloud has been massive.
“Before the pandemic, we were already seeing many business partners and clients move into hybrid cloud environments; but during the pandemic, the acceleration was massive,” said Cheryl Rang, Director of Advanced Solutions, Ingram Micro. “Data shifted from being housed in an on-premises data center to immediately being blasted out into remote locations, which could be housed in a hybrid cloud infrastructure or even closer to the data source sitting at the edge. Now with the continuation of a hybrid workforce for many organizations, the need for hybrid cloud and hybrid infrastructure is even higher.”
You can’t support a hybrid workforce (or hybrid education) without a hybrid cloud data center.
Why? Government agencies and schools still need to keep certain data on-premises for security management; but they also need the cloud aspect to support functionality for at-home workers, students and a hybrid workforce. Data needs to be always available from anywhere, and at any time. That demands a hybrid data center model, as well as careful attention to security across a number of dispersed data points.
When supporting a hybrid workforce, flexibility is essential.
When creating a hybrid cloud environment, pay close attention to flexibility and containerization. Today’s users need the ability to scale up and down—and between environments and timeframes—based on fluctuating workload demands from their remote workforce.
For example, in a recent survey, 82% of people said they would choose to work in the office on Wednesdays (only 18% choosing to work from home that day), compared to 36% who would choose to work in the office on Fridays (64% working from home). The on-prem network must be able to flex capacity to accommodate more people in the office on certain days, while the cloud network must carry a heavier load on other days. 
“These types of fluctuating demands, which we rarely experienced historically, are impacting many people’s data center infrastructure today,” said Rang. “Three years ago, infrastructure wasn’t built to support that data fluctuation between on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid environments based on a particular day, time or use case scenario.”
Don’t forget about sustainability.
Even before the pandemic, evolving data centers were given a mandate to become more energy efficient. So as you’re helping public sector customers strategize hybrid cloud solutions and a data center refresh, consider how you can take advantage of the Green Energy Act for extra funding and discount opportunities to help you support multiple needs.
Do you need help dealing with the fast evolution of changes with hybrid cloud and hybrid cloud data center? Ingram Micro can help steer you in the right direction. Contact the Ingram Micro public sector or data center team today.
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