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The 2019 federal fiscal year has begun

November 05, 2018

The 2019 federal fiscal year has begun

Now that the busy federal buying season is over and Q1 for the federal government has begun, it’s a great time to strategize for the new year, examine your current offerings, consider new partnerships and plan your next steps. Our public sector team at Ingram Micro wants to help you succeed and make fiscal year 2019 your best one yet.

6 ways to set yourself up for success in federal fiscal year 2019 

Reassess your line card. Consider where you fell short, where you saw gains and what your focus should be for the coming year. Are there new technologies you want to add (like AWS, which is currently onboarding new partners)? It might be time to commit to new technologies, especially those that require integration between sales, marketing and technical teams. It’s also a great time to continue your shift from hardware to professional services. As you manage this transition, don’t forget to leverage Ingram Micro’s professional services team for site assessments, installation, training and more—all of which can be easily integrated into your service offering.

Don’t leave asset disposal and installation opportunities behind. For purchase orders that have already closed, shipments are in full swing now and may continue through upcoming weeks. As your equipment deliveries happen, ask your customers about their plan for the old equipment, and use Ingram Micro’s ITAD asset disposal services to help. For help with installation, connect with our professional services experts to make the entire process simple and seamless. 

Remember the contracts that buy year-round. For many GWAC and agency contracts (like NETCENTS and SEWP), the agency purchasing doesn’t stop at the federal year-end. Continue to be active in these ongoing contracts that purchase all year long, and communicate regularly to offer the highest level of support.   

Take some time out for education. Spend some time doing research on what’s coming next—not only with federal agencies and contract changes, but also with new solutions and technology manufacturers. Join some webinars, attend industry days, learn when new RFPs will be released, educate your team and consider new areas of interest. It’s also a great time to think through potential partnership opportunities. 

Get a refresher on financing options. Make sure you’re fully up to speed on Ingram Micro’s financing options and how they can work for your federal customers. In the past, federal agencies typically purchased equipment or technology outright and paid by purchase order, but an increasing number are now interested in lease-type options and technology as a service solutions with a monthly fee.

Get your head in the cloud. As you review and update your line card—or continue your transition to a services business model—remember to consider all the cloud bundle offerings through Ingram Micro. This offering enables you to pick and choose your cloud offerings, bundle them with your services, brand the whole package as your own, enjoy higher profit margins and differentiate yourself in the process.

“For the first time in a long time, federal agencies have an approved budget at the start of the fiscal year—and they know exactly what their budgets are as they head into 2019,” said Frank Ratel, federal practice leader. “In years past, they’ve had some long delays, which have caused pent-up demand and negative buying behavior. With an approved budget in place this year, hopefully it will allow agencies to spend more freely.”

To learn more about how Ingram Micro can help you take advantage of a new federal fiscal year, check out the federal playbook or contact your account representative today.