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Solve public sector clients’ collaboration and security needs—within their budgets

Cisco Cloudlock and HCS for Government for secure cloud identities, data, apps and collaboration.

May 13, 2020

Solve public sector clients’ collaboration and security needs—within their budgets
Your public sector clients are being stretched thin. As budgets contract, every facet of the organization is called upon to do more with less. As the current global health crisis lingers on, these same clients must adapt quickly to new work environments and workflows. As a result, government and educational institutions want to invest in technology that will help them maximize resources and reduce expenses. Cisco Fed RAMP (Risk and Authorization Management Program) is an excellent way to help these organizations stay connected—without making security compromises.

Enable security in the cloud with Cisco FedRAMP solutions
Cisco FedRAMP is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessments, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The program includes solutions such as the following offerings:

  • Cloudlock—Cisco Cloudlock is a cloud-native cloud access security broker (CASB) that helps accelerate use of the cloud via a zero-trust security strategy. Cloudlock secures your customers’ cloud identities, data, and apps, combating account compromises, data breaches and cloud app ecosystem risks, while facilitating compliance through a simple, open and automated API-driven approach.
  • HCS-G—Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution for Government unites Cisco’s voice, video, instant messaging, presence and conferencing services, giving government agencies the power to collaborate securely with anyone, anywhere, even in transit. Besides empowering agencies with real-time video and information sharing, HCS-G provides end-to-end encryption.
Become a Federally Authorized reseller
If you’re interested in tapping into rich opportunities within the federal government vertical, it’s imperative to become Cisco Federal Authorized before procuring any Cisco federal business. Besides enabling you to sell Cisco to federal end-users, Federal Authorization also grants partners the ability to view the country of origin for products within the CCW (Cisco Commerce Workspace) as well as to ensure the products are TAA (Trade Agreement Act) compliant.
Becoming Federally Authorized takes only about 30 minutes and is free of charge. Contact Nick Fiorella via email at Nicholas.Fiorella@ingrammicro.com to learn more.