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SLED buying season: 9 ways to find and close deals

Resources and shortcuts to close more SLED business

March 02, 2020

SLED buying season: 9 ways to find and close deals
You’ve heard the old saying “strike while the iron is hot”—meaning grab a great opportunity before it’s too late. And if your business supports state and local governments or education customers, the opportunity doesn’t get any “hotter” than SLED buying season.
Now through June 30, you want to grab all the SLED business you can. You also want to offer the best pricing and maximize efficiency, especially when your opportunities seem to outnumber your daylight hours. 
While we can’t give you more hours in your day, Ingram Micro can offer resources to help you navigate the busy SLED buying season.
9 resources to help find and close SLED business
1. Ingram Micro credit and financing solutions – Our wide range of credit and finance options can help you take advantage of SLED deals without crimping your own cash flow.  One option is the NOWaccount, which pays you immediately for SLED business and eliminates accounts receivable altogether. Another option is Inside Ingram, which can extend your credit limit and credit terms.
2. SLED discounts and promotions – Many manufacturers offer highly attractive discounts and pricing promotions during SLED buying season. Work with your sales specialist to learn about all the opportunities available, including deal registration, special pricing and education SKUs. 
3. Pre-sales technical support – When you need expert support to build SLED proposals, you can turn to Ingram Micro pre-sales technical support team. Collectively, this team of 250 technicians holds 2,000+ vendor-specific certifications—making them the perfect resource to help you build the right SLED solutions.
4. Ingram Micro Grants Support Program – Sometimes your SLED customers need to explore alternative funding for their specific projects. Available to your customers (through you), this program identifies available grants from the federal government, state governments and private foundations.
5. Public sector resources – Take advantage of all the market-specific resources available from Ingram Micro, including our GSA programs, cataloging and pricing support, an E-rate dedicated program manager, a full calendar of events and specific playbooks for Federal, State and Local and Education business.
6. Field deployable resources – When you need on-the-ground support for your SLED opportunities, our technical consultants, vertical market consultants, vendor market development executives and field sales executives can help you navigate with ease.
7. Extended support hours – During those last critical days and weeks of SLED buying season, the pressure, pace and workload demands go through the roof. Fortunately, Ingram Micro’s public sector team offers extended support hours to help you finish strong. Watch for the announcement of extended hours, coming in June.
8. E-rate government funding – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s E-rate program offers eligible K-12 schools and libraries healthy discounts and government funding on information technology solutions in an effort to help them modernize. Discounts range from 20 to 90 percent, with higher discounts for higher poverty and rural schools and libraries.
9. USAC management portal – The Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) administers E-rate funding under the direction of the FCC. They offer a user-friendly management portal to help partners and end users manage all aspects of the E-rate funding process. Through the portal, users can learn about eligible services and filing deadlines, manage forms and access trainings.
For more information about how Ingram Micro can help you survive SLED buying season, email Sam Guyett or call her at (716) 633-3600, ext. 67123.