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Shortcuts to SLED buying season: How to optimize every opportunity

Time-saving tips to help you close more sales during SLED buying season

March 19, 2021

Shortcuts to SLED buying season: How to optimize every opportunity
SLED buying season is here again, and you know what that means—lots of customer opportunities and exciting revenue potential, but little spare time. As you head into one of the busiest buying seasons of the year (now through June 30), every time-saving shortcut can bring welcome relief.
By cutting down on hours spent doing pricing research or finding answers, you can free up more time for closing deals that actually boost your bottom line. 
Here are 5 shortcuts that can help you sail through SLED buying season with efficiency and ease.
Shortcut #1: Help your customers obtain new funding.
When customers’ technology wish lists are bigger than their budgets, you can help by identifying new sources of funding. As an Ingram Micro partner, you can make the Ingram Micro Grants Support program available to your state, local, education customers. This program offers customized funding opportunity reports (based on specific technology projects, organization type and geographic region), along with proposal development services to ensure grant proposals are as competitive as possible. You can also point eligible K-12 schools and libraries to E-rate government funding, which offers healthy discounts and government funding for information technology solutions.
Shortcut #2: Have a central source of knowledge for special pricing and promotions.
Why spend hours researching each technology vendor’s current promotions when you can tap into one centralized team that has all that information in one place? Ingram Micro’s public sector market development team is comprised of 250+ specialists that offer dedicated support for specific OEM manufacturers, plus another 70+ sales associates—a total of 320+ associates who are dedicated to driving your business. This team can help you leverage any special programs or promotions for the best pricing, which can make you more competitive and help you close more sales.   
Shortcut #3: Create a cash flow buffer.
By leveraging Ingram Micro’s wide range of credit and financing solutions, you can keep business moving even when SLED budgets are delayed, or if your own business finances are stretched thin. One option is the NOWaccount, which helps you get paid immediately even when your SLED customers require an invoice. It’s a convenient way to close gaps with accounts receivable, improve cash flow forecasting and know precisely when you’ll be paid.
Shortcut #4: Have Ingram Micro pre-sales technical support on speed dial.
When you need expert support to build SLED proposals, you can turn to the Ingram Micro pre-sales technical support team. Collectively, this team of 250 technicians holds 2,000+ vendor-specific certifications—making them the perfect resource to help you build the right SLED solutions. You can also find additional resources in our specific playbooks for federal, state and local and education business.
Shortcut #5: Know who’s available and when.
Despite your customers’ best efforts to avoid procrastination, we all know that the final weeks of SLED buying season are the busiest of them all. As you’re pushing to close every deal you can, it’s helpful to know you’ve got a team available to help—even after normal working hours. Watch for information on extended support hours for Ingram Micro’s SLED team and various vendor partners.
For more information on how Ingram Micro can help you meet the demands of SLED buying season, email Sam Guyett or call her at (716) 633-3600, ext. 67123. 


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