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Hot topics for public sector partners

How Ingram Micro helps you grow in second half of 2021 and beyond

September 08, 2021

Hot topics for public sector partners
It’s a dynamic time to be a public sector reseller. This month, you’re wrapping up federal buying season—the busiest time of year—and most likely, you’re already thinking about what’s ahead in 2022. Perhaps you’re looking to expand? Or want new growth opportunities?

Ingram Micro can help on both counts. Two of our leaders share how:

This month: Our sales support can help you finish the federal buying season strong.
Adam Springer, sales manager, public sector, provides 4 tips you can put to work immediately.


  • Tip 1: Plan ahead for smooth quoting. Make sure our sales team has a clear understanding of your quote request. Be prepared to provide all pertinent data: end user, part numbers, detailed descriptions, quantities, deal registration info (if applicable) and any pre-existing quotes. Also provide delivery details—whether it’s a single ship-to order or a rollout over time. Considering the ongoing supply chain issues, the more information you can provide upfront, the more accurate and realistic your quote and timing estimate will be.
  • Tip 2: Rely on us to help manage your pipeline. To help you juggle multiple timely government buying opportunities, the Ingram Micro team can set up busy season cadence calls, send pipeline reporting, work on inventory allocations and provide license renewal reporting, proactive quotes and reminders. They can also utilize customer forecast tools to bring in the right products at the right time. Need deal registration? Our team can help—and they can manage those expiration dates, as well.
  • Tip 3: Organize your pipeline with unique identifiers. When communicating about pipeline opportunities, it helps to have unique identifiers, such as reference numbers, end-user names and/or contract references. Noting your likelihood to win an opportunity is also helpful.
  • Tip 4: Communicate, communicate. Open communication makes the entire process smoother from beginning to end—meaning fewer delays, fewer assumptions, more transparency throughout the process and clearer expectations across all parties. In these final weeks before close—and everyone on high alert for surges in business—a quick call, email or Teams message can make a big difference, saving valuable time that can be applied to the next quote or request and eliminating questions or delays after fiscal year closes.  


Looking ahead: Our recent acquisition opens new opportunities for growth.
Did you hear about Platinum Equity’s recent acquisition of Ingram Micro? Tony Celeste, executive director and general manager, public sector, shares why this is exciting news for reseller partners:
“Since December of 2016, Ingram Micro’s parent owners were foreign investors and we operated under a special National Security Agreement (NSA) with approval of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS)—the American agency that reviews and approves investment transaction of this nature for national security considerations,” said Celeste. “Our competitors often took advantage of misperceptions about foreign ownership to win business.”
“Now that Ingram Micro is once again owned by a U.S.-based firm, Platinum Equity, it should remove any potential misperceptions or concerns,” he added. “Today, the competition will need to be prepared for a fair fight! They will no longer be able to use our former foreign ownership to their advantage and they will now have to compete on a level playing field.”
For more year-end tips and ways we can support you through federal buying season, reach out to the Ingram Micro public sector team today.
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