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Closing federal buying season: Questions to ask to ensure you’re prepared

Tips to optimize last-minute government spending opportunities

September 14, 2020

Closing federal buying season: Questions to ask to ensure you’re prepared
During September—the close of federal buying season—public sector resellers are in their busiest time of year. Many are in full execution mode, working long hours to get orders closed before a new fiscal year begins Oct. 1.
But when every moment matters, is there a way to work smarter, not harder?
According to several Ingram Micro experts, the answer is yes. By asking yourself several questions, you can ensure you’re fully prepared for anything—including last-minute government spending opportunities and curveballs:
Am I confident that I’m offering the best final price?
By knowing your customer, exploring deal registration and leveraging specific vendors, you can secure the best contracts, programs and discounts that ensure the very best pricing.
Have I set proper expectations with the Ingram Micro sales team?
Availability and communication are essential when approaching a deadline. If an unexpected government spending opportunity presents itself late in September, you’ll want to know who you can contact to speed it through, how late they’re available and what’s the fastest way to submit your information. Don’t wait until the last minute to have this essential information at your fingertips.
Am I clear on Ingram Micro’s extended support hours?
Every year, the Ingram Micro public sector and sales teams offer extended hours to help you close out federal buying season and to help ensure you have the proper coverage. Connect with your dedicated sales representative to get the latest updates.

Am I bringing the right information to my conversations?
When talking to the Ingram Micro sales and market development teams, be prepared by having this essential information handy:

  • Stage of the government spending opportunity
  • Anticipated turnaround time
  • Opportunity close date
  • Where the opportunity originated (e.g., general big board, established federal contract)
  • Whether you’re leveraging a program, holding stock or procuring from an existing contract
  • Forecasted need for financing or credit terms
Do I know my Ingram Micro credit analyst?
If a last-minute government spending opportunity comes through, you may need additional credit to make it happen. Having a close working relationship with your Ingram Micro credit analyst is key. This is your go-to person to steer you to the right programs, seasonal credit lines to support an increase in business and any new programs for federal partners. By going directly to your credit analyst, you can bypass your sales rep and get right to the credit or financing answers you need
Do I know my point of contact for GSA orders and leveraging the Promark line card?
Ingram Micro’s GSA desk is a centralized resource that can answer any of your questions about Ingram Micro/Promark’s GSA schedule 70. You can reach the team at GSAdesk@ingrammicro.com.
When you’re in the eleventh hour of federal fiscal year-end, every minute matters. That’s why it pays to have an airtight game plan that can carry you through to the finish line.
For additional questions, reach out to the Ingram Micro public sector team.     
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