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Close-up on contract strategy (Part 2)

June 03, 2018

Close-up on contract strategy (Part 2)

To succeed in the public sector, solution providers not only need to know how to find the right contracts, but also how to best manage and support those contracts over time. In this second blog in our two-part series, you’ll learn how Ingram Micro can help you diversify your team and better support your current federal and SLED contracts.

In last month’s blog, we examined several ways Ingram Micro can help you find and win new federal and SLED business. Today, we take a deeper dive into specific programs that can help support your contract strategies—and maintain them over time with quality solutions that are competitively priced.

5 resources for stronger contract support

Access new contracts with our Diversity Partner Network (DPN).
If you’re like many partners, you’re adept at finding new business, but you may not have the diversity credit or the certifications to lock it in. It’s a common problem, but one that we can help you solve. To provide our federal and SLED partners excellent service, DPN members team together to enhance your unique performance capabilities. Through our small business partnership, we’re an end-to-end IT product and service provider that holds elite IT manufacturer certifications and serves areas across the entire U.S.

Win new business with strategic RFP support.
Offered at two different levels (basic support and full support), this service helps solution providers respond to RFPs from federal, state or local governments, as well as education end users. Our team can work with you to provide a solution that best meets the RFP requirements within Ingram Micro’s business scope, and the RFP technical response will mirror the desired format of the contracting office.

Create cutting-edge solutions with pre-sales technical support.
As you define the right technology solutions for your federal and SLED contracts, take advantage of our 250 expert technicians, holding a collective 2,000+ technical certifications. You’ll find the technical guidance for any government priority—from virtualization and cybersecurity to IT infrastructure and big data.

Gain depth and breadth in product lists with our Cataloging Support Program.
Ingram Micro supplies a catalog that provides all products your organization is authorized to purchase from Ingram Micro, with the associated pricing and product information. Government and education discounts from manufacturers are passed through and automatically applied, making your life simpler. In addition, the catalog can be customized by vendor or product category, helping you to access what you need, when you need it.

Shorten your sales cycle with Ingram Micro support teams.
Ingram Micro’s federal and SLED resources are carefully chosen and matched to each stage of the sales cycle, so no matter where you are in the process, we can provide the impetus to move you along—no more missing opportunities or getting bogged down in execution. Take advantage of pre-sales technical support, field-deployable resources, professional training services, events, integration/configuration services, and credit and finance options.

When it comes to winning and supporting federal and SLED business, you’ll find all the strength and support you need at Ingram Micro. Leverage all of these programs—or just a few—to strengthen your current contracts, or use them to secure new business and start something new. Wherever you’re at today, Ingram Micro can help you move forward. Check out our Federal Playbook, Education Playbook or State and Local Playbook today.

For more information on supporting your contracts, contact the Ingram Micro public sector sales team at (800) 456-8000.