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Are you selling the latest in remote education tech?

An Ingram Micro solution sales opportunity

April 20, 2022


When our experts are on the phone with anyone having to do with education tech, a glaring, common concern arises—schools aren’t 100% confident in their hybrid learning solutions.
With issues ranging from security and switches to equipment and clearer meetings, distance learning is never a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. And without the right solutions, students are at risk of a suboptimal learning experience. Unfortunately, teachers are often unfairly blamed when equipment fails on either end.
Opportunity for resellers
The resellers and solution providers who invest in distance learning are not only seeing rapid business growth, but are also empowering educators and students to thrive in a hybrid learning environment.
Are you selling the latest in remote education tech? If not, experts at Ingram Micro’s Business Transformation Center (BTC) have packaged solutions that are easy to deliver. Check them out and start growing your education portfolio.
Ingram Micro is pleased to offer the following buying opportunities:
Headsets: Durable, easy-to-use headsets with clear audio—ideal for learning.
Webex meetings: A new, hybrid way of learning that’s centered around the work students do, not where they do it.
Network switches: A comprehensive portfolio of switching solutions, optimized for education.
Computers: Durable computers built for secure, remote learning and sharing work.   
Desk monitors: Tech-enabled monitors and displays that deliver the clarity for collaboration and learning.
Webex calling: Cloud calling enables teachers and staff to answer phone calls, no matter where they are, without having to use their personal phone numbers.

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